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Impact announces Josh Alexander’s opponent for World Championship fight at Against All Odds

Josh Alexander successfully defended the Impact World Championship against Eric Young at Slammiversary, but his war with Violent by Design isn’t over yet.

After the main event at Slammiversary, VBD goons Deaner and Joe Doering attacked Alexander. Shark Boy, David Young, Nate Webb, and Bhupinder Gujjar ran out to help Alexander. Honor No More ran out to beat up the TNA old-timers. The Impact Originals team ran out to beat up Honor No More. Chaos! The good guys stood tall with Jose Alexander piledriving Vincent into the mat. The champ closed the scene putting over the 20 year celebration of Impact.

Backstage, Scott D’Amore was exasperated over VBD’s attack. He had a conniption trying to utter words about their lack of respect for the moment. VBD didn’t care about the 20 year anniversary. D’Amore told them to move on from Alexander and the world title. Deaner countered that Alexander lost to Doering a few weeks ago. D’Amore relented and booked Doering for a shot at the Impact World Championship.

Impact officially announced that world title fight. Alexander will wrestle Doering for Impact’s top prize at Against All Odds.

Impact Wrestling

Doering has never been pinned in Impact. As for the victory over Alexander, there was more to it than meets the eye. Doering was awarded a disqualification win when the referee caught Alexander turning the tables to use VBD’s nefarious tactics against Doering. VBD tried to cheat with a flagpole as a foreign object. Alexander snatched it away and broke the flagpole against Doering’s chest.

Watch the full match for yourself.

Against All Odds airs live on Friday, July 1 from Center Stage in Atlanta, GA.

Are you pumped for Alexander versus Doering with the Impact World Championship on the line?

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