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Sting, Kurt Angle, AJ Styles, and more stars appear on Slammiversary to celebrate 20 years of Impact

Impact Wrestling celebrated their 20th year in the business with the Slammiversary PPV. Several TNA stars made live appearances. Sting, Kurt Angle, and AJ Styles sent in personal video messages to honor Impact.

Slammiversary opened with a video package explaining the history of TNA featuring a montage of familiar faces and memorable moments.

The broadcast was dedicated to Bob Ryder.

Scott Hudson was in the house to interview the Impact Originals team. He also introduced a special message sent by Sting. The Icon spoke about his fondness of TNA for helping him get back into professional wrestling. Highlight memories include evolving into Joker Sting as well as matches with Abyss, Hulk Hogan, Kurt Angle, Jeff Jarrett, and Samoa Joe. It was a fun time for Stinger.

Next on the list was Kurt Angle. Your Olympic hero congratulated Impact on 20 years and cheered for another 20 years. Angle was grateful to TNA for giving him an opportunity when he needed it. He had incredible feuds with AJ Styles, Samoa Joe, Sting, Christian Cage, and Bobby Roode.

It wouldn’t be a tribute celebration without AJ Styles. That’s right, AJ Styles was actually on the PPV with a message. The Phenomenal One was the most surprising appearance for Slammiversary.

Styles reminisced about his TNA journey starting by wrestling the Flying Elvises. From there, it went to Jeff Jarrett and Raven, the X-Division, Ultimate X, and matches with Kurt Angle. He’ll never forget those memories, but one match in particular changed everything. Styles versus Samoa Joe versus Christopher Daniels in 2005 transcended wrestling. He also thanked WWE for allowing him this special moment.

After the Good Brothers won the Impact tag titles from the Briscoes, America’s Most Wanted hit the stage. James Storm and “Wildcat” Chris Harris moseyed to the ring with a six-pack of beer. Storm saw similarities between all of them. They only know two things, fighting and drinking. Since the fighting was done, it was time for drinking. Storm toasted to tag team wrestling thriving in Impact. This was my favorite segment of the celebration spots.

Christy Hemme handled introductions for the match between Impact Originals and Honor No More. She also introduced Scott D’Amore in his Team Canada outfit.

Even Dixie Carter was invited to the Impact celebration. She thanked all the wrestlers and staff from Impact’s 20 year history. Carter then revealed Davey Richards as the surprise member of the Impact Originals team.

The Impact Originals versus Honor No More contest had cameos from Traci Brooks, Earl Hebner, and D’Lo Brown. (Full details here on that match.)

Impact honored the original commentary team of Don West and Mike Tenay.

Goldy Locks interviewed Gail Kim. Kim won the fan vote as the most impactful Knockout in Impact history.

On the pre-show, Impact brought back the notorious Reverse Battle Royal concept. The field included David Young, Chase Stevens, and Slash with Father James Mitchell as deep dives into TNA history. Shark Boy emerged victorious with a stunner to pin Johnny Swinger.

Which was your favorite legends appearance from Slammiversary? What is your favorite moment in the history of TNA and Impact?

Get the full Slammiversary results here.

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