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Josh Alexander & Eric Young used cool callbacks to TNA legends in Slammiversary main event

Josh Alexander and Eric Young battled for the Impact World Championship in the main event of Slammiversary. The story was about the fight to carry Impact into the future. To celebrate the past 20 years of Impact lore, both wrestlers used cool callbacks to signature moves of TNA legends.

The match started as a physical back and forth affair. Young was the first to gain an advantage when he executed a Death Valley Driver to plant Alexander on his surgically repaired neck. Young landed a flying elbow drop, but Alexander kicked out. Alexander rallied with suplexes, clotheslines, a powerbomb, and a flying crossbody. Young kicked out on the cover.

The match entered a higher gear when both men dug into the arsenal of maneuvers from TNA legends. Young struck with Jeff Jarrett’s Stroke.

Young followed that with Abyss’ Black Hole Slam.

Alexander used his turn for Christopher Daniels’ Best Moonsault Ever.

Alexander also executed AJ Styles’ Styles Clash. That led to an ankle lock submission. Young inched toward the ropes, so Alexander pulled him back and sat down for a grapevine. Young was too far away for the break. That’s when having cronies paid off. Deaner threw yellow powder in the referee’s face right before Young tapped out. The referee was blinded and missed it.

Alexander realized he had to deal with Violent by Design goons Deaner and Joe Doering if he wanted to keep the championship. Alexander put Doering through a table with Kurt Angle’s Olympic Slam off the apron.

Deaner had the VBD flag in the ring, so Alexander reached down to pull out a Canadian flag for a flag fight. Alexander got the upper hand to break the flagpole on Deaner’s back.

Young pulled out a guitar to smash over Alexander’s head. 1, 2, Alexander kicked out!

Young pulled up the ring mat to expose the wooden beams. He executed a piledriver onto the hard surface. 1, 2, Alexander kicked out!

Young lifted Alexander onto the turnbuckles for a super piledriver, but the champ escaped to cinch in an ankle lock. Young freed himself then charged forward. Alexander was ready and waiting to pummel Young with Samoa Joe’s uranage onto the wood. Alexander sealed the deal with a C4 spike piledriver on the wood.

Alexander remains Impact world champion. His reign stands at 54 days and counting.

That main event was a very good capper to a very enjoyable show celebrating 20 years of Impact Wrestling. It was a great wrinkle to add all the nostalgia moves throughout the match to pop the fans.

Which move excited you the most during the Impact world title fight between Josh Alexander and Eric Young?

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