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Good Brothers defeat Briscoes to become three-time Impact tag champs

The Good Brothers have reentered the conversation as one of the top tag teams in professional wrestling today. Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows bested the Briscoes to become three-time Impact tag team champions at Slammiversary.

Dem Boys entered as champions and started hot with high-flying tag team action. Tag team action!

As the match progressed, the Good Brothers tried to finish with the Magic Killer, but Jay tackled Anderson for the save. Mark rolled-up Gallows. LG kicked out. The Briscoes were in control for their neckbreaker powerbomb combo. Anderson kicked out on the cover.

The Briscoes aimed to finish with the Doomsday Device. Anderson was too savvy, and he thumbed Jay in the eye to escape. Gallows shoved Mark off the turnbuckles into a Stun Gun cutter by Anderson. With Mark down and out, Jay fought like a madman against the odds. He had Anderson in a double underhook for the Jay Driller, but Gallows booted him in the face. That led to the Magic Killer, and the 1, 2, 3. The Good Brothers held the tag titles high in victory.

The Good Brothers tag team résumé now includes three-time Impact tag champs, three-time IWGP tag champs, two-time WWE Raw tag champs, and one-time Lariato Pro tag champs.

Where do you rank the Good Brothers on today’s hierarchy of tag teams?

Get the full Slammiversary results here.

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