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W. Morrissey puts over rising star in what could be his last match in Impact

W. Morrissey has been a true superstar during his excellent run in Impact by making the most of a second chance. News broke earlier today that Morrissey’s time in Impact has come to an end as he becomes a free agent. The 7-footer still had one more match in the can to air as the main event of Thursday night’s Impact Wrestling. If this is indeed the end of Morrissey’s Impact career, he went out putting over a rising star.

Morrissey teamed with PCO against the duo of Moose and Steve Maclin. The action was all four hossing it up in a slobberknocker. Morrissey and PCO worked well as a team by executing repeated corner splashes over and over again. A double chokeslam to Maclin closed that sequence.

Moose chop blocked Morrissey’s knee to set up a hot tag moment for PCO to run wild. The French-Canadian Frankenstein cleaned house for a flipping senton onto Maclin on the apron, a belly-to-belly slam to Moose, and a cannonball suicide dive onto both opponents.

The tide turned when PCO missed the mark on a moonsault as Moose rolled away. Moose dropkicked Morrissey to hang upside down in the corner. PCO charged to knock Moose out of the ring. Maclin seized the opportunity to tag them and bag them. He brought mayhem for all with a spear to Morrissey in the Tree of Woe, a suicide dive to PCO, then a double underhook DDT to pin Morrissey for the win.

If this is the end of the line in Impact for Morrissey, then he went out on his back to give the rub to Maclin. This is Maclin’s biggest win to date for his Impact career. He arrived in the company after a forgettable run as Steve Cutler in WWE. Maclin put in the work to consistently deliver enjoyable hard-hitting matches in Impact. His stock has risen as a result. This pin over Morrissey could propel Maclin to the next level of success in Impact.

What was your favorite moment of W. Morrissey’s run in Impact?

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