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Impact recap: PCO’s gross shoulder led to defeat

PCO is known as the French-Canadian Frankenstein, but it seems his creator was running low on shoulder parts when constructing Perfect Creation One. That was evident when PCO’s gross shoulder led to defeat during the latest episode of Impact Wrestling.

PCO engaged in a donnybrook with Steve Maclin. The physicality started immediately as PCO speared Maclin through the ropes crashing to the floor. That landing caused PCO to bleed from the mouth.

PCO followed up with a cannonball through the ropes. Maclin came back for a suicide dive. When PCO charged, Maclin countered for a spinebuster on the ramp. After taking a superplex, PCO powered up to rally with a DDT, running cannonball, and a flying forward senton onto the apron. Maclin dodged a running cannonball for PCO to crash into the ring steps. Maclin poured on the punishment with a back body drop on the floor and setting PCO up in a tree of woe on the guardrail for a brutal spear.

Maclin continued his attack be wedging PCO’s shoulder between the ring post and steps. Maclin delivered a boot to the steel. PCO screamed in pain and revealed his gross shoulder injury.

The referee wanted to call off the match, but PCO rebelled by beating up security. In the chaos, Maclin rammed a chair into PCO’s ribs to set up a DDT on the foreign object. Maclin called over the referee, who reluctantly counted to three for Maclin’s victory.

As Maclin celebrated, PCO sat up looking to continue the fight. Maclin retreated to safety instead of engaging with the monster.

Maclin earned another strong pinfall. Last week, he pinned W. Morrissey in tag team action. This week, he pinned PCO. Maclin is on the rise in Impact. As for PCO, I’m assuming that wasn’t a fresh injury. He played perfectly into his French-Canadian Frankenstein character by flexing to poke his shoulder bone at an odd angle for a reaction from spectators.

In other action from Impact Wrestling:

  • The show opened with Sami Callihan’s warning for Moose. He will make Moose beg for mercy by the end of the night.
  • Later, Moose was not worried during his interview. He was unfazed when the lights went out. Moose went on the hunt to find Callihan. They fought into a side room. Moose rained down punches busting Callihan open. When Moose tried to leave, the doors were locked. Sami laughed and jabbed the key in Moose’s eye. Callihan exited, then the lights went out to signify a Monster’s Ball match at Slammiversary on June 19.
  • Rosemary defeated Tenille Dashwood. Rosemary scored a bridging roll-up after ramming Tenille into Madison Rayne. After the match, the Influence stomped Rosemary. Taya Valkyrie ran out for the save. Taya and Rosemary hit a double spear. They teased a possible reunion, but Rosemary was hesitant to trust Taya.
  • The Good Brothers visited the Briscoes’ chicken farm looking for a fight. (Full details here.) Papa Briscoe turned the tide, and the Good Brothers retreated.
  • Heath vowed to make Honor No More pay for injuring Rhino.
  • Tasha Steelz approached Deonna Purrazzo about not helping to attack Mia Yim. Purrazzo shooed her away. She doesn’t need help to get rid of Yim. Chelsea Green entered. She agreed with Purrazzo, but having a little help wouldn’t hurt. Green plotted with Purrazzo.
  • Matt Morgan was in the Impact Zone to speak positively about opportunities he received from TNA. Honor No More’s Vincent issued a warning.
  • Joe Doering defeated Josh Alexander via disqualification. Alexander was on a roll with German suplexes. Doering grabbed the ropes to stop the third suplex. Deaner distracted the referee, so Eric Young could hand the Violent by Design flag to Doering. Alexander snatched it away and cracked the flagpole on Doering. The referee saw Alexander’s illegal action and called for the DQ. Doering remains unpinned in Impact.
  • Ace Austin joined the Bullet Club on his trip to NJPW in Japan. Alex Zayne was not pleased, so the Bullet Club beat him down. Zayne was announced as the final participant in the Ultimate X match at Slammiversary. (Full details here.)
  • The injured Matt Cardona passed off the Impact Digital Media Championship to Brian Myers to ‘defend’ against rightful champion Rich Swann at Slammiversary. (Full details here.)
  • Eddie Edwards, Matt Taven, & Mike Bennett defeated Chris Sabin, Alex Shelley, & Frankie Kazarian. The match broke down, and Bennett low-blowed Sabin. Edwards finished with a Die Hard Driver. Afterward, Heath came out for revenge. Kenny King and Vincent arrived to give Honor No More the numbers advantage. The bad guys made Heath pay the price by smashing his leg with chairshots. (Full details here.)

This episode of Impact Wrestling continued the road to Slammiversary. There are still a few question marks left to answer on the go-home show. Will Rosemary and Taya Valkyrie unite to challenge for the Knockouts tag titles? That could be an interesting story if Rosemary and Taya win then work on becoming friends again. Where does Steve Maclin fit on the card? Mr. Mayhem is on a roll lately, and it would be a shame not to have him on the PPV. Who will be the final two partners for the Impact Originals team? This one might be better served as a surprise, since next week’s TV show is already taped. That could allow room for someone from AEW, like Samoa Joe, to arrive at the PPV. Will Moose be stuck in the dark room from now until his Monster’s Ball match? Usually the waiting period is 24 hours without light, food, or water. Sami Callihan is demented enough to leave Moose trapped for ten days.

Share your thoughts on Impact Wrestling. What was your favorite match? Who stole the show?

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