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Josh Alexander and Tomohiro Ishii had an epic war of attrition for Impact World Championship

When you look into the wrestling dictionary for war of attrition, the page will highlight Josh Alexander versus Tomohiro Ishii. The Walking Weapon and the Stone Pitbull put on an epic slugfest with the Impact World Championship on the line in the main event of Under Siege.

You want chops? Ishii has chops. He clobbered Alexander down in the corner.

You want more chops? Ishii has more chops. The Stone Pitbull cornered Alexander. The Walking Weapon’s bravado got the best of him when he defiantly asked for chops. Ishii obliged then went high to chop the champion in the throat.

The match was much more complex than just chops. Alexander found his groove for three powerful German suplexes.

Instead of chops, Ishii mixed it up with thunderous elbow blows to set up a belly-to-back suplex.

Time for technique. In another striking exchange, Alexander ducked an enziguri to catch a leg for an ankle lock. Ishii rolled it over for an ankle lock of his own. Alexander tried the same counter tactic, so Ishii switched to a knee bar. Alexander escaped to go back to the ankle lock. Ishii crawled toward the ropes, but Alexander pulled him back to center and dropped down for a grapevine while cranking the ankle. Ishii was fading until his warrior spirit kicked in and he reached the bottom rope for the break.

Enjoy more fisticuffs with an airplane spin slam at the end of the clip.

As the match progressed, Ishii executed an impressive stalling superplex.

In the final sequence, both men did the counter dance wriggling free of the C4 piledriver and the brainbuster. Alexander went for an ankle lock, so Ishii clocked him with an enziguri and more clotheslines. The weary warriors engaged in more fisticuffs in the center of the ring. Alexander got his timing down for a spinning back elbow to stun the Stone Pitbull. Alexander pounced for a powerbomb to set up a C4 piledriver to win. Alexander is still the Impact world champion.

Goodness gracious. That match was insane. The intensity was off the charts. Both men took a licking and kept on ticking. This was a pretty long match in the 20-25 minute range, and the pace never let up. Alexander and Ishii looked exhausted once it was over. The crowd went bonkers with dueling chants throughout. It certainly was a sight to see with emotion, physicality, strategy, and grit.

How do you rate the main event between Josh Alexander and Tomohiro Ishii?

Check out the full results from Under Siege.

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