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Sami Callihan returns from injury as teaser reveal at Impact Under Siege

During the past few weeks, a curious teaser trailer with grindhouse vibes aired on Impact programming. The man behind the mystery was revealed to be Sami Callihan. The Death Machine returned from injury at Under Siege.

It all began when Moose interrupted the show to complain about disrespect from Impact. Moose did a lot of terrible things, but he has no remorse. That’s what made him the greatest champion Impact ever had. How does Impact repay him? They didn’t even book him on the card for Under Siege. Moose decided to hijack the show and prevent the main event from taking place.

Lights out. The teaser played on the big screen to reveal the name Sami Callihan. Lights on, and Callihan was standing the ring. He bashed Moose with a baseball bat and crushed him with a piledriver. Callihan’s message was that the Death Machine is back.

That was a cool way to bring Callihan back into the mix after missing time due to a broken ankle in September. Impact brought it full circle for Callihan to attack Moose. Moose was his opponent in the match when he suffered the injury. No doubt they have business that needs to be settled.

Who else do you want to see Sami Callihan feud with in his return to Impact?

Check out the full results from Under Siege.

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