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Impact brings back hardcore Monster’s Ball for a hoss fight

What should a wrestling promotion do when two monsters are feuding? Lock them in separate rooms for 24 hours without food, water, and light, of course. That’s what happened to PCO and JONAH to main event Impact Wrestling in a Monster’s Ball match.

Monster’s Ball is basically a hardcore contest with the previously mentioned deprivations to ensure maximum carnage. The two colossuses engaged in a hoss fight using chairs, trashcans, ladders, cookie sheets, and thumbtacks.

JONAH was released from his prison of solitude first. As soon the door was opened for PCO, JONAH attacked. The monsters brawled backstage then out toward the crowd. PCO had the upper hand early with a suplex on the entrance ramp.

Action progressed with JONAH boxing PCO’s ears with a pair of cookie sheets, a super hurricanrana from PCO onto open chairs, JONAH bashing with a sledgehammer, JONAH tackling a seated PCO, and a rough suplex from JONAH to PCO onto a ladder. That last one had to hurt.

PCO gained steam for a DDT, cannonball to the outside, and a somersault plancha. The French-Canadian Frankenstein aimed to maim for a bulldog onto open chairs, but JONAH counter to dish out the pain.

As if the violence wasn’t painful enough, it was time for thumbtacks. The black sack was emptied in the ring. JONAH powerbombed PCO onto the tiny daggers. PCO pulled his shoulder up to beat the count.

JONAH climbed the corner for the Tsunami splash, but PCO grabbed the sledgehammer to bash JONAH down crashing through a table.

PCO followed with a moonsault inside the ring for the 1, 2, 3 to establish himself as top monster.

That was a satisfying conclusion for this monster feud. It didn’t matter who won. Each contest in the series was a hoss fight supreme elevating both men in the eyes of viewers.

Did this bout live up to the Monster’s Ball name? Who would you like to see PCO and JONAH feud with next?

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