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W. Morrissey got his revenge on the Cardona Family in Impact

W. Morrissey got his revenge on the Cardona Family during Impact Wrestling.

Ever since Morrissey destroyed Brian Myers’ Learning Tree students, Myers has held a grudge toward the 7-foooter. Events escalated to Myers reuniting with his old tag partner Matt Cardona to teach Morrissey a lesson. That initially resulted in powerbombing Morrissey through a table.

Speaking of tables, a perfect scenario for payback was in a tables match. Morrissey and Myers opened the broadcast going one-on-one with a tables stipulation.

Morrissey controlled the action early with pummeling power and a sidewalk slam. When Morrissey pulled out a table, Myers shot back for a springboard plancha. Morrissey took the hit, but his strength put him back on track. As Morrissey lifted Myers for a powerbomb with intentions of finishing the match, Cardona ran down to flip the table over.

Cardona was always ready for the double-team assist. A double suplex planted Morrissey, but the behemoth rallied with furious clotheslines and corner splashes. The Major Players were in major trouble. Chelsea Green ran down to bash Morrissey with Cardona’s Impact Digital Media (World) Championship, however, Morrissey saw it coming. Green’s efforts were enough to provide a distraction for Cardona and Myers to take down Morrissey. They aimed to powerbomb him through a table. Morrissey escaped to go on a rampage. Cardona retreated up the ramp. A familiar face made an appearance to send Cardona back into the arms of Morrissey.

Jordynne Grace was in the house. She feuded with Cardona over the Digital Media title, and she also recently formed a tag team with Morrissey at the Rebellion PPV.

Morrissey clocked Cardona to set up a spinebuster from Grace. The duo destroyed Cardona with a big boot powerbomb through a table.

Grace chased Green to the back. Myers whacked Morrissey with pieces of a broken table. Morrissey rallied with a swinging sidewalk slam. The big man picked up the nuisance to powerbomb over the ropes through a table en route to victory.

That was an emphatic victory for Morrissey to close this feud for now. If the tag team of Morrissey and Grace finds success, they may meet with the Major Players down the line.

Do you want more of the feud between Morrissey and the Cardona Family or would you like to see them head in different directions within Impact?

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