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W. Morrissey is working great as a babyface in Impact

W. Morrissey has made the most of his second chance in professional wrestling. Now, he’s paying it forward to help younger talent thrive in Impact Wrestling.

Morrissey arrived in Impact as a mean wrecking machine. He worked his way into the world title picture, but Moose was more villainous than Morrissey. That combined with the 7-footer’s penchant for kicking ass earned him cheers in a tweener role. After coming up short against Moose in an Impact Match of the Year candidate, Morrissey had to regroup and reassess his position.

Morrissey’s turn to the good side began with a heart-felt redemption promo.

That led to a feud with Matt Cardona and Brian Myers. Jordynne Grace teamed with Morrissey to provide the babyface stamp of approval for the big man. Morrissey’s next step was to pay the positivity forward to help a fresh face on the rise.

When Raj Singh and Shera threatened Bhupinder Gujjar last week, Morrissey stepped in to watch Gujjar’s back.

That brings us to this week’s episode of Impact Wrestling. Morrissey & Gujjar competed against Singh & Shera in tag team action. The babyface duo worked well with tandem offense when Morrissey slammed Gujjar on top of Singh. Down the stretch, Morrissey took control for the hot tag house cleaning. He pummeled from pillar to post with running corner splashes. A big boot and a clothesline sent Shera out of the ring. Gujjar followed for a slingshot plancha onto the Indian Lion.

Morrissey goozled Singh for a chokeslam. He could have easily taken the winning pin himself. Instead, Morrissey worked the crowd hyping a tag for Gujjar to prevail in the story. Gujjar executed a leaping spear on Singh for victory.

The transition of Morrissey to true good guy is now complete. Just watch the clip of the finish to see how well he operates as a fan favorite babyface. It’s great to see him set up Gujjar as a rising talent.

Morrissey’s versatility as a performer has been on full display for his run in Impact. He hit all the shades from disgruntled ruffian to rugged tweener to full-fledged hero. And he executed each role excellently.

Are you impressed by the work of W. Morrissey in Impact?

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