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Impact builds new star in Knockouts hoss fight

Masha Slamovich officially became a prime player in Impact after an impressive hoss fight victory in the Knockouts division.

Slamovich made a splash on the Impact scene when Mickie James chose her to wrestle Deonna Purrazzo at Knockouts Knockdown in October last year. Management took notice, and Gail Kim offered Slamovich a contract despite defeat.

Enter the new year, and Slamovich has steamrolled the competition en route to a nine match win streak. The victim list includes Sandra Moone, Vertvixen, Kaci Lennox, Kira Dream, Raychell Rose, Arie Alexander, Abby Jane, Damaris, and Shawna Reed. Slamovich’s feast on cupcakes was in jeopardy when Havok stepped into the ring last week for a hoss fight challenge.

Impact hyped the hoss fight with a creepy, cool vignette for Slamovich’s kill wall.

The hoss fight delivered the goods during Thursday’s episode of Impact Wrestling.

Slamovich and Havok stood face to face for the opening bell. SLAP! Slamovich smacked Havok across the face. Havok returned fire. Heavy blows were thrown with neither hoss backing down. Masha landed a headbutt. Havok blasted back with a forearm shot to knock Slamovich down. Havok followed up by squishing Slamovich in the corner.

Slamovich ducked a running boot to attack with a spinning heel kick. The Russian unloaded a flurry of strikes to the chest. Havok was down on one knee. Slamovich continued with an ax kick and a head kick to stun Havok into a daze. Slamovich seized the moment to finish with the Snow Plow slam.

And just like that, a new star is made in the Knockouts division.

The match wasn’t long, but it was chock full of action. The arena was stunned that Slamovich planted Havok for victory. Even Rosemary was shocked at the bulldozing Russian. That Snow Plow was a true ‘holy shit’ moment. Even though Slamovich normally gets more height on the slam, Havok’s size still made it impressive looking. I know I’m totally jumping the gun, however, I want to see Impact gold go to Slamovich right now. That’s how strong her hoss fight victory was.

Were you impressed by Masha Slamovich’s win over Havok?

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