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Briscoes retain Impact tag titles and make a new friend

The Briscoes and tag team action are like peanut butter and jelly. So damn sweet. Fresh off winning the Impact tag titles, Dem Boys had round two with Violent by Design in the main event of Impact Wrestling. They also made a new friend along the way.

The Briscoes beat the duo of Eric Young and Deaner to claim the gold at Under Siege. This time, big man Joe Doering teamed with Deaner, while EY kept watch on the outside.

The Briscoes had trouble handling the hossness of Doering throughout. As an example, Mark hit a neckbreaker on the floor to Deaner. Jay tried to follow up for a flying attack, but Doering was waiting to crush with a running crossbody on Jay.

Doering continued his assault with a body slam and elbow drop.

Violent by Design isolated Jay. Young even took a cheap shot punch from the outside. Jay made a diving hot tag to Mark for house cleaning. An enzuigiri knocked Doering out of the ring. Deaner used an Irish whip to send Mark running. Mark went with the flow to leap over the ropes and land on Doering. Mark returned to slam Deaner down off the turnbuckles. Deaner kicked out to end the house afire sequence.

The Briscoes still had their mojo rising to crush Deaner on a neckbreaker powerbomb combo. Deaner kicked out again. Doering brought VBD back. He dodged a slingshot plancha to ram Mark into the ring post. Doering planted Jay with a spinebuster. VBD hit a teamwork DVD to flying headbutt on Jay. Mark rushed into the ring to break the pinfall.

The Briscoes found their groove once again down the stretch. Jay used a headscissors to send Doering out of the ring. Jay cracked Deaner with a rolling elbow strike. The Briscoes set up for a Doomsday Device, but Doering grabbed onto Mark’s leg preventing lift-off. Deaner landed punches while sitting atop Jay’s shoulders. Deaner rolled forward for a roll-up, however, Jay sat down on top to trap Deaner for the winning pin. The Briscoes are still Impact tag team champions.

After the match, Young attacked the Briscoes. VBD laid the boots in. Josh Alexander ran down for the save. He ejected Doering and Deaner from the ring. Alexander has a world title date with Young at Slammiversary on June 19, so the two adversaries shared an intense staredown. Alexander lost focus on his surroundings, and VBD attacked him from behind. The Briscoes revived enough to return to the favor and save Alexander. Violent by Design was sent packing as the good guys stood tall to close the show.

This was a pretty good evening for the Briscoes. They kept their gold and also made friends with Impact’s top face in Alexander. Feuding with VBD is likely not over, so the Briscoes and Alexander may need each other as backup. A trios match is likely in the near future.

Do you think the Briscoes and Josh Alexander are a good fit as new friends?

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