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Eric Young becomes number one contender for Impact World Championship at Slammiversary

Impact is celebrating their 20th year with the Slammiversary PPV on June 19. A main event opponent was needed to challenge Josh Alexander for the world championship, so Impact management delved into their history for a Gauntlet for the Gold match to determine the #1 contender on Impact Wrestling.

Gauntlet for the Gold has deep meaning for Impact. That match style was used to crown Ken Shamrock as the first men’s champion and Gail Kim as the the first women’s champion. The rules are similar to a Royal Rumble with a twist for the finish. The final two wrestlers settle business by pinfall or submission to win the competition.

The field contained several former world champions. The lineup in order of entrance included Chris Sabin, Alex Shelley, Eddie Edwards, Vincent, Steve Maclin, Shark Boy, Raj Singh, Trey Miguel, Bhupinder Gujjar, Shera, W. Morrissey, Eric Young, Johnny Swinger, Taurus, Heath, Rhino, Moose, Rich Swann, Drama King, and PCO.

Early highlights were Shark Boy running wild with stunners. He teamed with TNA veterans Chris Sabin and Alex Shelley to clean house with a double stunner.

W. Morrissey dominated upon his arrival.

After two eliminations by Morrissey, he was planted with a piledriver from Eric Young. EY used a cheap shot from his murder mask to set up the devastating maneuver. Morrissey took a breather on the outside until later.

Johnny Swinger entered in a miniature Wrestlemania III cart. He was tossed out immediately and did the Bushwhacker strut back to the cart.

“Drama King” Matthew Rehwoldt, formerly known as Aiden English in WWE, used maximum drama for his surprise entrance. Matt Cardona’s music played, but he was on vacation. That distraction allowed Rehwoldt to rise from the commentary table and dump out Rich Swann.

The nitty-gritty came down to Sabin, Maclin, Morrissey, Young, Moose, and PCO. Morrissey re-entered the ring to a dueling double goozle with PCO. As the two hosses neared the ropes, Maclin dumped them both.

The final four threw blows all around with Moose standing tall. Lights out, lights on. Sami Callihan battered Moose with a baseball bat. Sabin pulled the top rope down for Moose to fall out.

Maclin and Young teamed up to stomp a mudhole in Sabin. The Motor City Machine Gun rallied with a double clothesline and tornado DDT. Sabin hoisted Maclin onto the apron then dropkicked him down to the floor for an elimination.

Sabin and Young were the final two remaining, so it became a regular match to be decided by pinfall or submission. Young pounced quickly for a body slam and flying elbow drop. Sabin kicked out on the cover. Sabin came back for a tornado DDT. Young kicked out on the cover. Both men went back and forth escaping finishers and countering for roll-ups. When Sabin lifted Young for the Cradle Shock, EY raked the eyes and connected on a piledriver to win.

The Slammiversary main event is set. Josh Alexander will defend the Impact World Championship against Eric Young on June 19. Young aims to win the world title for the third time.

Official order of elimination:

1. Shark Boy by Eddie Edwards
2. Raj Singh by Bhupinder Gujjar
3. Shera by W. Morrissey
4. Vincent by W. Morrissey
5. Bhupinder Gujjar by Eric Young
6. Johnny Swinger by Eric Young
7. Alex Shelley by Eddie Edwards
8. Trey Miguel by Steve Maclin
9. Eddie Edwards by Chris Sabin
10. Taurus by Moose
11. Rhino by Moose
12. Heath by Moose
13. Rich Swann by Drama King
14. Drama King by PCO
15. W. Morrissey by Steve Maclin
16. PCO by Steve Maclin
17. Moose by Chris Sabin
18. Steve Maclin by Chris Sabin
Winner: Eric Young pinned Chris Sabin

Does Eric Young versus Josh Alexander as the main event of Slammiversary have your interest?

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