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Impact Multiverse of Matches results: Aldis & James vs. Cardona & Green ends in double tap out

Impact brought in talent from far and wide to create unique matchups for the Multiverse of Matches event. The most exciting pairing was Nick Aldis from the NWA to team with his wife Mickie James against the married duo of Matt Cardona and Chelsea Green. That heated feud crossed over into two promotions, and it was time for Aldis and James to get a little payback.

Cardona entered with both the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship and the Impact Digital Media (World) Championship. That was the first time his NWA title belt was on Impact programming.

James charged at Green before the opening bell. Both husbands held their wives back then started fighting each other. Aldis executed a drop toehold sending Green into Cardona’s crotch. As the match progressed, Aldis hit a piledriver and flying elbow drop on Cardona. Green made the save on the pinfall.

James flew in for a seated senton to Green. The Hot Mess pump kicked James out of the ring. Aldis went for a cloverleaf submission on Green, but Cardona smashed for the save. Aldis ducked a slap from Green, and she hit Cardona instead. When Cardona charged for Radio Silence, Aldis countered for a powerbomb. The National Treasure locked in a cloverleaf on Cardona. Green entered with a title belt as a foreign object, so Aldis released the hold to protect himself. James ran in to prevent Green from hitting her target. That led to the Aldis family cinching in simultaneous cloverleafs on the Cardona family. Cardona and Green both tapped out in pain to hand the victory to Aldis and James.

That bout was a satisfying taste for whatever comes next in this family feud. The Cardonas have worked well as rapscallions, so it brought many smiles to see them both tap out at the hands of their rivals.

Let’s blitz through the rest of the results.

  • Good Brothers defeated Briscoes. This bout was shortly after the Briscoes put on a fantastic effort losing to FTR at ROH Supercard. Mark Briscoe ran wild on a hot tag. The Briscoe brothers hit their powerbomb neckbreaker combo on Karl Anderson, but Sweet Karl kicked out of the pinfall. Anderson crushed Jay Briscoe on a spinebuster. Magic Killer to Jay. 1, 2, kick out. All four men took turns hitting big moves. When the Briscoes had momentum, Chris Bey distracted Jay Briscoe while Jay White ran down to shove Mark Briscoe off the turnbuckles. This time, the Magic Killer sealed the deal.
  • Chris Sabin defeated “Switchblade” Jay White. Sabin went for the Cradle Shock finisher, but White countered for a half-and-half suplex. When White went for the Blade Runner finisher, Sabin countered for a roll-up to win. That was the first time White was pinned in Impact. After the match, Maclin ran in to attack Sabin in Team Impact story continuation. White pulled Maclin off, so he could land some more blows on Sabin. Maclin pulled White off. White backed down. Once Maclin turned around, White landed a low blow.
  • Champ Champ Challenge: Deonna Purrazzo retained the AAA Reina de Reinas Championship. Faby Apache answered the call from AAA. Apache was close to a title change on a double underhook facebuster, but Purrazzo kicked out on the cover. Purrazzo rallied for a German suplex. Apache escaped the Gotch piledriver, then Purrazzo escaped the double underhook facebuster. In the dance of counters, Purrazzo transitioned to cinch an armbar. As the Virtuosa wrenched hard, Apache tapped out.
  • Taya returns! (Full details here.) Purrazzo called Mercedes Martinez a paper champ after winning the interim ROH World Women’s Championship. Taya’s music interrupted the promo for La Wera Loca to make her return to Impact. Taya called out Purrazzo for the AAA title at the Rebellion PPV on April 23.
  • Josh Alexander & JONAH defeated Moose & PCO. The unsteady alliances caused issues early but smoothed out as the match progressed. The climax saw Alexander and Moose throwing blows in the center of the ring. Moose escaped a C4 spike and rolled out of the ring. PCO was creeping to pounce on Alexander when JONAH made the save to spear the French-Canadian Frankenstein. Alexander hit the C4 piledriver on PCO as a message to Moose en route to victory.
  • Tomohiro Ishii defeated Eddie Edwards. Edwards connected on a Boston Knee Party, but Ishii escaped the Die Hard cross–legged fisherman buster. Ishii powered up for a heavy clothesline to flatten Edwards. The NJPW star finished with a brainbuster. This was a surprising result, but it makes sense to keep Ishii hot for his fight with JONAH at Rebellion on April 23.
  • Knockouts Tag Team Championship: Tenille Dashwood & Madison Rayne retained. The other squads in the four-way were Rosemary & Havok, Tasha Steelz & Savannah Evans, and Gisele Shaw & Lady Frost. As the Influence predicted, #1 contender Rosemary and champ Steelz brawled to the back. That cut down the odds for the Influence. They knocked Frost off the turnbuckles, then they spiked Shaw’s head into the mat on a teamwork maneuver to win.
  • “Speedball” Mike Bailey defeated Alex Shelley. Bailey was closing in on victory with a head kick and a spinning high kick, but he missed his signature 450 knee drop. The Motor City Machine Gun went for a Shellshock swinging reverse STO, however, Bailey countered by bouncing them off the ropes creating momentum for a roll-up to win.
  • X-Division Championship: Trey Miguel retained in Ultimate X. The other competitors were Jordynne Grace, Chris Bey, Blake Christian, Vincent, and Rich Swann. Christian took out a pile of men on a flying attack to the outside. Grace and Trey both climbed the Ultimate X structure to retrieve the title. Trey was able to kick Grace free to crash down to the mat. The champ snatched the belt to keep his gold.

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