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Josh Alexander defends Impact world title against Moose, then NJPW star calls next

Josh Alexander was a fighting champion when he had the X-Division title in his possession. Now holding the Impact World Championship, it will be no different for the Walking Weapon. He defended the strap against Moose on Thursday night’s episode of Impact Wrestling and was challenged by a NJPW star for the Under Siege special event on May 7.

Alexander was fresh off avenging his troubles with Moose by winning the Impact World Championship at Rebellion. Scott D’Amore had big plans with a hand-picked challenger for Under Siege, so he booked Moose’s contractual rematch for TV. Moose was not pleased at only having five days to prepare. D’Amore sarcastically massaged Moose’s ego playing to his narcissism about being a wrestling god. This was Moose’s chance to prove it. Moose wasn’t buying that malarkey.

Alexander was confident that he would shut Moose up for good.

Moose took the early advantage in the championship rematch by powerbombing Alexander onto the apron.

The bout had a few callbacks to their epic clash at Rebellion. Instead of 10 consecutive German suplexes by Alexander, Moose grabbed the ropes to block after two straight Germans. Alexander continued his attack for a C4 piledriver, but Moose escaped. Alexander snatched the leg for an ankle lock. Moose kicked his way out, so Alexander went for the Sharpshooter. Moose inched toward the ropes for a break.

In another callback to their previous contest, both men exploded for a slugfest throwing elbow blows in the center of the ring. Moose lifted Alexander for a uranage, but the champ escaped to pick an ankle lock. Moose rolled through to smash Alexander into the turnbuckles.

When Alexander stumbled out of the corner, Moose connected on a uranage. Moose continued the pain with a buckle bomb. Moose backed away to set up a spear, but he remembered the Rebellion finish where Alexander countered with a jumping knee. Moose changed course for a powerbomb. Alexander roared back for a powerbomb of his own and a C4 piledriver to finish.

The champ left no doubt that he is the better man. When one feud ends, another is ripe for the picking. Enter the “Stone Pitbull” Tomohiro Ishii for a showdown.

Ishii was confirmed as D’Amore’s hand-picked opponent for Under Siege. Alexander will defend the Impact World Championship against the NJPW star on May 7. Ishii is coming off a pair of impressive victories after besting Eddie Edwards at the Multiverse of Matches and conquering JONAH in a hoss fight at Rebellion.

Are pumped for Josh Alexander versus Tomohiro Ishii at Under Siege?

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