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Josh Alexander earns revenge to win Impact world title in epic main event at Rebellion

After numerous trials and tribulations, Josh Alexander finally got the big payback on his nemesis in the main event of Impact’s Rebellion PPV (Apr. 23, 2022). The Walking Weapon dethroned Moose to win the Impact World Championship.

This feud goes back to Bound for Glory in October 2021. Minutes after Josh Alexander defeated Christian Cage to bring the world title back to Impact, Moose cashed in a championship opportunity as Alexander’s family was still in the ring. Moose didn’t care and left as new champ. In the lead up to Rebellion for the rematch, Moose was despicable. One of several transgressions included spearing Alexander’s wife at indie show.

On fight night, Jade Chung provided a pep-talk to her husband. Alexander vowed to teach Moose a lesson. There needs to be consequences for his heinous actions. Scott D’Amore entered the conversation to add coaching wisdom. Don’t let anger get in the way. Use that fire as motivation.

Alexander entered the ring with his young son by his side in matching wrestling gear.

Alexander took the advice to heart. Instead of charging like a bull at the opening bell, he calmly worked a gameplan. Alexander schooled Moose with takedowns and mat skills. Moose exited the ring to regroup and adjust. Alexander’s family was in the front row. Intimidating them was just the trick Moose needed. Alexander stormed over. As the referee separated them, Moose landed a cheap shot pump kick to his opponent. Moose battered Alexander around the ring to soften him up.

As the match progressed, Moose tried that cheap shot pump kick again on a referee break. This time, Alexander was too savvy. He countered for a series of 10 consecutive German suplexes.

Alexander aimed to finish with the C4 piledriver, but Moose countered for a back body drop. A two-handed sitdown chokeslam off the turnbuckles flattened Alexander. The challenger still had enough life to kick out and carry on. When Moose took flight for a crossbody, Alexander ducked low to snatch the leg for an ankle lock in the center of the ring. Moose dramatically crawled to the ropes for the break.

Alexander demanded Moose square off in the center of the ring. The two gladiators took turns exchanging heavy chops. Moose was more powerful and pounded Alexander down to the mat again and again and again. Moose planted Alexander with a vicious uranage. Alexander kicked out at 1, sprang to his feet, and threw his headgear in Moose’s face. A slap fight erupted. Alexander hit the C4 piledriver. 1, 2, Moose placed his foot on the bottom rope to stay in the game.

Moose rallied for a superplex. As he charged for a spear, Alexander countered for a Styles Clash then swiftly transitioned for an ankle lock. The champ refused to quit and reached the ropes to escape.

On the break, Moose removed the middle turnbuckle pad. That paid off when he smashed Alexander head first into the exposed steel. Moose connected on a spear. 1, 2, kick out. Moose removed the top turnbuckle pad for a buckle bomb onto the exposed steel. Moose aimed to finish with another spear, but Alexander hit a jumping knee counter knocking Moose silly. Alexander dug deep to lift Moose for a C4 piledriver. 1, 2, 3. That was the end. Alexander is the new Impact world champ.

Alexander celebrated with his family to close the broadcast. His wife proudly placed the belt around his waist.

Alexander and Moose put on a great match. That will definitely be in Impact’s Match of Year conversation. It had exciting action, badass exchanges, riveting drama, and a happy payoff to the story.

The Rebellion replay is available through Fite TV. (Order here.) Catch up on the full PPV results here.

Where does Alexander versus Moose rank on your Match of the Year list for Impact?

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