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PCO resurrected with jumper cables in operatic scene on Impact

Impact is no stranger to telling stories through the medium of cinematic art. Their latest tale involved PCO being resurrected by jumper cables with an operatic flair.

To set context for the PCO character, Perfect Creation One was brought to life by D. Destro implanting a car battery into the monster’s chest. Whenever PCO is down, a shock of electricity gives him a boost of life. Jumper cables are the perfect conduit to transfer energy.

The gimmick got over to a point that PCO sold his own branded jumper cables.

Fast forward to last week when JONAH made sure PCO would not rise again in a monster hoss fight.

During the latest edition of Impact Wrestling, Honor No More went down in defeat to the Bullet Club. They aimed to turn their fortunes around at Impact’s upcoming Rebellion PPV. Vincent excused himself to take care of business. That’s when the fun started.

Vincent went outside to pop the trunk for jumper cables. He entered an abandoned building under the clear skies with moonlight shining. Vincent unzipped a body bag to reveal PCO. Sparks flew when jumper cables were connected. Vincent cheered on the resurrection of PCO. Lightning cracked and dark clouds gathered as PCO felt the electricity. The French-Canadian Frankenstein sat up with life all to the backdrop of operatic music.

In the words of Vincent in relation to that wacky drama, I can dig it. I appreciate Impact’s effort in producing content outside the box. This cinematic scene embraces the lore of the PCO character to explain why the monster can’t be put down.

My guess for Vincent’s motive in reviving PCO is to enter the tag team division. Violent by Design defends the Impact tag titles in an 8-team elimination contest at Rebellion on April 23. With spots still open, Vincent could easily squeeze into the mix with PCO by his side.

What’s your take on the scene with PCO and Vincent?

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