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Matt Cardona defends Impact Digital Media Championship against ECW original

Matt Cardona is making waves around the professional wrestling scene winning championships and creating moments. His latest spectacle involved an ECW original showing up as a surprise on Impact Wrestling.

Cardona and Brian Myers made a splash reuniting last week to powerbomb W. Morrissey through a table. This week, the duo entered the ring with matching gear as the Major Players. Cardona only cares about three things. Buzz, money, and gold. Cardona wants more championships, so the Major Players are going after the Impact tag titles.

The Major Players and Chelsea Green will be taking over Impact. Together, they are the strongest unit in professional wrestling.

During their promo, insults were thrown toward the fans inside the old ECW Arena. What happens when you talk smack about ECW in Philadelphia? It’s like saying Candyman. An ECW veteran is guaranteed to show up and defend the promotion’s honor. In this case, a pair of ECW originals made a surprise appearance.

Guido Maritato and Tony Mamaluke came down the ramp. The former ECW tag champs have seen their co-workers bleed buckets to pave the way for Cardona to step into the ring. Maritato warned to never disrespect the ECW building ever again. After being called a Major Sissy, Cardona was riled up and sassed Maritato. He shouted that the Full Blooded Italian hasn’t been relevant since ECW died over 20 years ago.

Slap! Maritato wasn’t taking any crap. He challenged Cardona for the Impact Digital Media Championship.

Ding, ding, ding. Impromptu match. Maritato smoked Cardona on the mat with takedowns and his tosses. Cardona used shortcuts to gain control. When Maritato was reentering the ring, Cardona kicked the ropes up into his groin. Guido rallied for an Italian leg sweep and a Sicilian Slice leg drop. As Maritato aimed to finish with the Kiss of Death, Myers created a referee distraction so Cardona could low-blow the ECW original. Cardona connected on Radio Silence to retain his title.

Cardona was all sunshine in victory, but his night was about to be ruined in short order. As the Major Players planned to put Maritato through a table, Morrissey showed up looking for payback. The 7-footer landed big boots and punches. As he goozled Myers, Green struck with a low-blow.

Another enemy of Cardona’s past decided to even the odds. Jordynne Grace ran in to clean house. Cardona won the Digital Media title from Grace by cheating back in February. She scored a little piece of revenge on this evening. With Cardona left all alone in pain, Grace urged Morrissey to put him through a table. Morrissey obliged with a running chokeslam.

That was a very good segment. The Major Players established their focus within Impact. Guido Maritato and Tony Mamaluke were a fun ECW surprise out of nowhere. Maritato showed he still has skills. And Cardona got put through a table. Three cheers for Morrissey! Morrissey also received the babyface rub from Grace standing by his side to cement his turn as a fan favorite in the Impact Zone.

Did you pop seeing Guido Maritato and Tony Mamaluke one more time?

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