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Impact recap: JONAH vs. PCO in monster hoss fight

Impact Wrestling (Apr. 14, 2022) featured JONAH versus PCO in a collision of monster hosses, Matt Cardona reuniting with Brian Myers, and the Bullet Club in faction warfare.

HOSS FIGHT! JONAH and PCO went back and forth over the weeks dishing out violence. JONAH broke PCO’s neck in their first match. When PCO returned miraculously healed, he instigated a cinematic parking lot fight and buried JONAH. Now, it was time to settle the beef in the TV main event.

The big boys rumbled inside the ring clubbering and clobbering. As the match progressed, JONAH powerbombed PCO into the corner. PCO landed on his feet and fired back for a clothesline. JONAH went on the attack to manhandle PCO for a piledriver. PCO kicked out strong at 1.

PCO rallied with a DDT and flying crossbody. JONAH kicked out at 2 on the cover. PCO executed three diving headbutts, and JONAH still kicked out on the pinfall.

When PCO tried to finish with a moonsault, he missed the mark as JONAH rolled away. JONAH was positioned under the ropes, so PCO tried a flying cannonball. JONAH moved again, and PCO crashed hard onto the apron. JONAH seized the moment for a backbreaker onto the guardrail. Back inside the ring, JONAH connected on the Tsunami flying splash to win.

As JONAH celebrated victory, PCO sat up. JONAH mounted the monster to pummel with punches. PCO was down flat, then his body started twitching. The monster began to rise once more, so JONAH whacked him several times with a chair. JONAH placed the chair on PCO’s chest and landed a flying splash. JONAH smiled at the carnage while keeping an eye out to make sure PCO stayed down.

That hoss fight was a bruiser. It provided a hearty conclusion to close their feud for now. PCO lived up to monster status trying to rise in the aftermath, and JONAH lived up to Top Dog status making sure PCO stayed down. I think I could watch them fight each other every single week. Alas, it is time to move on. JONAH has a date with Tomohiro Ishii at Impact’s Rebellion PPV on April 23. That is bound to be another rugged hoss fight.

Enjoy the full match between JONAH and PCO.

Let’s blitz through the rest of the show.

Madison Rayne defeated Jessie McKay. On the BTI pre-show, Tenille Dashwood and Cassie Lee both yelled at Kaleb Konley to throw a chair into the ring, so he slid it directly between Rayne and McKay. As they tussled over the chair, Rayne smashed it into McKay’s midsection. Rayne drove McKay’s head into the mat for victory.

Afterward, the Influence officially dumped Konley. He was wasn’t worried and confidently approached the IInspiration. Konley shoved Cassie out of the way to raise the hand of Jessie. McKay did not appreciate that treatment toward her partner, so they also dumped Konley. The man lost his mind and claimed he could get more women. W. Morrissey came out as the opening attraction. Konley tried to attack and paid the price by being powerbombed through a table.

W. Morrissey started the proper broadcast with a promo celebrating his sobriety and thanking the fans. (Full details here.) Last time he was at the 2300 Arena in 2018, his poor life choices led to a seizure and being transported to the hospital. It felt good returning to the same building clean, sober, and in the best shape of his life.

Morrissey will make the most of his second chance. Brian Myers interrupted leading to a blindside attack on Morrissey from Matt Cardona. The reunited friends powerbombed Morrissey through a table.

Champ Champ Challenge: Deonna Purrazzo defeated Willow Nightingale. (Full details here.) Willow chose the ROH title. In the end, Purrazzo used the force of taking a clothesline to roll into an armbar. The Virtuosa transitioned to the Venus de Milo double armbar to win.

Mickie James talked smack about beating up Chelsea Green, so Green confronted her rival. Mickie unloaded punches. Cardona grabbed her from behind, so Green could wallop a shot from her arm cast. The Cardonas stood tall over James.

Tasha Steelz will defend the Knockouts Championship against Rosemary at Rebellion. The champ is ready for Rosemary’s mind games. Rosemary popped up on the video screen with Decay threatening violence. I couldn’t tell if Steelz was shaken or not.

Jonathan Gresham defeated Rocky Romero. Eddie Edwards observed the bout backstage. Gresham was super slick for the finish. After landing a suicide dive, he rolled Romero into the ring. Gresham leaped up to the apron then up into a springboard for a hip toss. He kept the motion flowing to execute a tricky pinfall victory. Gresham and Romero shook hands afterward, but Romero was clear that he wants the ROH World Championship.

Hype video for Josh Alexander challenging Moose for the Impact World Championship at Rebellion on April 23. Alexander is tired of hearing people tell him to keep his emotions in check. His emotions are what paved the way for his success. After Moose’s attack on Alexander’s wife, the Walking Weapon is the most dangerous he’s ever been.

“Speedball” Mike Bailey slugged the heavy bag when Ace Austin strolled in. Since Alexander broke Madman Fulton’s ankle, the enforcer won’t be at Rebellion. That means it is just Ace and Speedball. Bailey corrected to add Trey Miguel as the X-Division champ in their three-way contest. Both claimed to know exactly what they meant, but Ace was left confused when Bailey walked away.

Alex Shelley defeated Steve Maclin. The action spilled to the outside. Maclin sized up a running knee off the apron, but Chris Sabin was in the way to block. Maclin charged forward anyway. That delay gave Shelley enough time to dodge. Shelley rallied for a Sliced Bread on the floor. It was a very cool move using a post to walk up as leverage to complete the maneuver.

Back in the ring, Maclin had the advantage and put his feet on the ropes for a pin. Sabin shoved them off. As Maclin was focused on Sabin, Shelley pounced for a Shell Shock to win.

Gisele Shaw and Madison Rayne taunted each other in the hallway. Rayne claimed she will be just fine without Konley. The conversation was set up in a way to tease Shaw aligning with Konley.

Hype video for Moose defending the Impact World Championship against Josh Alexander at Rebellion on April 23. Moose will do whatever it takes to remain champ. He has no conscience and sleeps great at night with no concern over his misdeeds. Moose also puts in the work to be the best. He will show Alexander why he is a 5-star athlete and a wrestling god.

Honor No More’s promo in the ring was interrupted by the Bullet Club. (Full details here.) Good Brothers wanted payback for OGK interfering in their business a few weeks ago. A faction war ignited with PCO hitting a flying cannonball on all the bodies below outside the ring. That segment led into the main event monster fight.

That episode of Impact Wrestling had some very good matches. Jonathan Gresham was an impressive tactician against Rocky Romero. Alex Shelley scored a surprise win over Steve Maclin in an exciting contest. I say surprise win, because I assumed Maclin would build momentum heading into the PPV. Shelley’s win was a nice wrinkle to keep the show feeling fresh. The way it went down doesn’t harm Maclin’s status, and it snapped Shelley’s losing streak to help keep him in the high-class gatekeeper role. The hoss fight main event between JONAH and PCO delivered what was expected in a slobberknocker.

Share your thoughts on Impact Wrestling. What was your favorite match? Who stole the show?

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