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Matt Cardona & Brian Myers reunite to ruin W. Morrissey’s emotional moment in Impact

Matt Cardona and Brian Myers are reunited, and it feels so slimy. The duo of doofuses did so by ruining a feel-good emotional moment between W. Morrissey and the Impact fans.

W. Morrissey has scary history with the 2300 Arena, also known as the old ECW arena, in Philadelphia, PA. In 2018, he suffered health complications causing a seizure. Morrissey was taken out of the venue on an ambulance.

A lot has changed in Morrissey’s life since that incident. He opened the Impact Wrestling broadcast celebrating his return to the same arena in Philadelphia on better terms by delivering a very good redemption promo. Last time Morrissey was there, he hit rock bottom with nowhere to go. On this evening, he is clean, sober, and in the best damn shape of his life. When fans chanted his name loudly, Morrissey was a little emotional and thanked them for the support.

Morrissey plans to take advantage of his second chance.... Brian Myers’ music interrupted the passionate promo.

The story has been Morrissey powerbombing people through Myers’ special guest commentary table each week. Myers had enough. He has no pity for Morrissey wasting a golden opportunity wrestlers could only dream of. If anything, fans should feel sorry for Myers due to Morrissey repeatedly sabotaging his commentary gimmick. Myers warned that history will repeat itself. If Morrissey keeps messing with him, then the big man will end up half-dead on the arena floor again.

Morrissey chased Myers around the ring and finally got hands on him. After slamming Myers onto the apron, Morrissey set up a table for powerbombing purposes. Chelsea Green rushed down as a distraction. Matt Cardona ran in to blindside Morrissey with the Impact Digital Media (World) Championship. Cardona and Myers reunited as pals to put a beating on Morrissey. The final blow was Green slapping Morrissey across the face to kick-start momentum into a double powerbomb from Cardona and Myers off the apron through a table.

Cardona and Myers began their career together as a tag team. They arrived on the big stage as Edge’s cronies in WWE. The duo managed to win the WWE tag titles twice. Cardona and Myers eventually separated. As time passed, they both ended up in Impact to feud as singles competitors. Now that Cardona has become an evil thorn in the side of pretty much everyone, Myers is by his side once again. The Cardona Family faction has been cruising the scene on the indies, and this is the first time they joined forces in Impact.

The Cardona crew didn’t waste time handling family business. Later in the show, Mickie James was pleased teaming with her husband Nick Aldis to defeat Cardona and Green at the Multiverse of Matches. James is going to take it up a notch to whoop Green’s ass. Green entered the scene with no fear. She doesn’t need any help to beat up James. Mickie fired away with punches knocking Green on her keister. That’s when Cardona stepped in from behind to grab James so Green could score a cheapshot with her cast.

This turn of events in Impact continues the hot streak of Cardona’s career redemption. He went from WWE cast-off to hardcore legend to Impact Digital Media (World) Champion to NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion. He has been so successful that his saga is playing out in two major promotions at the same time in Impact and the NWA. It was only a matter of time before everyone synced together, and now Myers is along for the ride in Impact. That is until Morrissey destroys both of them.

This is quite the fiendish storyline that makes wrestling so much fun, but I don’t want to lose sight of the positive real-life moment. Shout out to Morrissey for turning his life around.

Are you pleased to see the reunion of Cardona and Myers in Impact? How many powerbombs should Morrissey dish out in revenge?

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