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Impact Sacrifice: Three title changes, including Mickie James losing Knockouts Championship

Impact’s Sacrifice special event seemed like a low-key show on paper with champions heavily favored to retain. That’s why they play the game, or wrestle the matches in this case. Three title changes took place, and all three were surprising.

Mickie James was on top of the world with the Knockouts Championship. She’s had some tough defenses, but her heart and grit carried through for victory. On this evening, James had a rematch with Tasha Steelz. James was able to beat Steelz last month, so surely she could make it a clean sweep at Sacrifice. Not so fast, my friend.

Steelz’s insurance policy paid dividends. James and Steelz fought tooth and nail. As the ladies were duking it out on the turnbuckles, they took a tumble down to the floor. Savannah Evans picked up Steelz to roll back into the ring. James barely beat the ten-count to continue.

James fired up with a Thesz press and a neckbreaker. Steelz was able to duck a Mick Kick, but she couldn’t dodge a DDT. Evans stepped into the ring to distract the referee. After James sent Evans packing, Steelz pounced for her crucifix bomb finisher. The champ showed determination to kick out.

James shed off a slingshot bulldog to counter for a flapjack. As she climbed the corner, Evans grabbed her foot. James kicked her way free. The champ leaped through the air at Steelz, but the challenger popped up for a surprise cutter. 1, 2, 3.

Steelz is the new Knockouts champion.

In the men’s tag team division, Violent by Design finally had their shot at the Good Brothers with gold on the line. Eric Young and Joe Doering made the most of their opportunity against Karl Anderson and Doc Gallows.

The Good Brothers had momentum and went for the Magic Killer finish, but Young escaped. He low-roped Gallows out of the ring. VBD put a hurting on Anderson. Gallows saved his pal to set up a double superplex, however, Doering came in underneath as the base for a Tower of Doom.

The bout blew up into chaos with Young and Gallows fighting on the ramp. EY got dirty for a low-blow to Gallows then pummeled the big man with a piledriver on the stage.

That led to a double-team powerbomb neckbreaker to Anderson. With Gallows incapacitated, Doering covered Anderson with no threat of a save. VBD are the new Impact tag champs.

In the Knockouts tag team division, the IInspiration duo of Jessie McKay and Cassie Lee defended the titles against the Influence duo of Tenille Dashwood and Madison Rayne. This bout was finally taking place after numerous delays including COVID and travel. The Influence weren’t taking any chances of a screw-up and demanded that Kaleb Konley remain in the back.

The action was an even back and forth affair to start.

The Influence gained momentum when Tenille dropped Cassie onto the apron from an electric chair position. The Influence then shoved Jessie into the ring post. They isolated Jessie to wear her down. Jessie found inspiration to eventually slap hands for the hot tag.

Down the stretch, Tenille escaped a double suplex. She clubbed Jessie out of the ring then hit her single-leg dropkick finisher on Cassie. The champ kicked out on the cover. Cassie ignited with offense for a jawbreaker and spinning head kick. Konley entered the scene to slide the title belt in the ring as the referee was distracted. The belt went under Cassie’s legs into the hands of Tenille. Dashwood used the foreign object to smash Cassie for the win. The Influence are the new Knockouts tag champs.

It was unclear who Konley was actually trying to help. The story coming in was the IInspiration flirting him into confusion. It sure seemed like Konley intended on helping Cassie. When the Influence won, he did not look very enthusiastic. Konley was shifty waiting to be yelled at. Once it was safe, Konley joined them to take photos.

Which title change was the most surprising at Sacrifice?

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