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Impact Sacrifice results: Moose retains world title vs. Heath, Josh Alexander returns with contract

Impact popped a newsworthy night at the Sacrifice special event. In addition to three title changes and the surprise of Santino Marella, Josh Alexander is back with the company. Alexander has a new contract and a date with Moose for the Impact World Championship.

The main event of Sacrifice saw Moose defend the Impact World Championship against Heath. The challenger was nervous before his big opportunity. Heath received a rousing pep-talk from Santino Marella in a surprise appearance wandering around backstage. Marella used his real name, Anthony Carelli, I barely recognized the man dressed in a suit wearing glasses and speaking without an accent. Carelli has seen Heath rise and rise again to prove doubters wrong. Heath was pumped up and let out a scream. Carelli joined the commentary crew for the world title bout.

Heath tried to stick and move early, but that lasted only so long. Moose picked up Heath to ram into the corner. The champ tossed Heath around the ring and beat him from pillar to post on the outside. It was a cold and calculating beatdown. Heath fired up to rally for a slingshot plancha.

Heath hit his Wake Up Call finisher, but Moose wouldn’t stay down for the three-count. Moose powered through for a uranage and spear to retain the world title.

Immediately after the match, Alexander sprinted to the ring for a rude surprise. He flattened Moose with a double underhook piledriver.

Alexander explained that being sent home by Scott D’Amore turned out to be a blessing in disguise. It put Alexander in close proximity with the Toronto office of Anthem, which is Impact’s parent company. The Walking Weapon was able to sort out his contract status to re-sign a multi-year deal. He also had a contract to challenge Moose for the Impact World Championship at the Rebellion PPV on April 23.

The rest of the Sacrifice results include:

  • Impact World Tag Team Championship: Violent by Design defeated Good Brothers. Eric Young was violent by design with a pilediver to Doc Gallows on stage. VBD seized the moment for a teamwork powerbomb neckbreaker for Joe Doering to pin Karl Anderson. VBD are the new tag champs.
  • Knockouts Championship: Tasha Steelz defeated Mickie James. The champ had control after shedding a bulldog to counter for a flapjack. As James climbed the corner, Savannah Evans grabbed her foot. Once James was free to fly, she leaped right into a cutter from Steelz. 1, 2, 3. There is a new champion in the Knockouts division.
  • Champ Champ Challenge: Deonna Purrazzo retained. Chelsea Green was the surprise competitor to answer the open challenge. She chose the ROH Women’s World Championship. Purrazzo was in deep trouble, so she executed a ruthless tactic to crack the previously injured wrist of Green. As the challenger writhed in pain, Purrazzo pounced for an armbar with pressure on the wrist to win.
  • “Switchblade” Jay White defeated Alex Shelley. Student versus mentor. White aimed to show how dangerous he has become since Shelley’s tutelage. Shelley pushed White to the limit. The closing sequence began with White catching a slingshot plancha to counter for a Blade Runner into the apron. Back in the ring, White set up a Blade Runner to finish, but Shelley countered for a Blade Runner of his own. As Shelley went for a crossface submission, White countered for a Blade Runner to win. Afterward, Shelley offered a handshake. White laughed then exited.
  • JONAH defeated PCO. HOSS FIGHT! Big moves early were a superplex from JONAH and a super hurricanrana from PCO. JONAH turned the tide with a tombstone piledriver on the ring steps. He continued his assault with a powerbomb on the floor. A flying splash sealed the deal.
  • W. Morrissey desired to powerbomb Brian Myers through a table. Security intervened allowing Myers to escape. Morrissey turned his attention to security to powerbomb through the table.
  • Knockouts Tag Team Championship: Influence defeated IInspiration. The Influence ordered Kaleb Konley to stay in the back so he couldn’t bungle up their match. Konley eventually came out anyway. He slid a title belt into the ring under Cassie Lee’s legs into the hands of Tenille Dashwood. Tenille cracked Cassie with the foreign object to win. For Konley, it wasn’t clear who he was trying to assist. He slowly played it off to take photos of the Influence as new tag champs.
  • Eddie Edwards defeated Rhino. Maria Kanellis, Matt Taven, Mike Bennett, Vincent, Kenny King, Chris Sabin, Rich Swann, and Willie Mack were ringside. Maria was ejected after trying to hand the kendo stick to Edwards. Fisticuffs broke out among all the observers. Mack flattened the pile with a flying attack. Edwards had the kendo stick in hand when Steve Maclin ran out. He spiked Edwards with a DDT. Maclin chanted for Rhino to hit the Gore, but then Maclin whacked Rhino with the kendo stick. On Maclin’s way out, he sounded angry explaining to Swann that he was upset for being blamed when Edwards was the traitor all along. Edwards took advantage to win with a Boston Knee Party.
  • X-Division Championship: Trey Miguel retained against Jake Something. Jake pummeled with power. Trey rallied with speedy offense. Jake got caught in the Tree of Woe. Trey leaped down for a flying Meteora to win.

On the Sacrifice pre-show:

  • Rich Swann & Willie Mack defeated Matt Taven & Mike Bennett. OGK had momentum for their Proton Pack finisher on Swann, but Mack charged in to tackle Taven for the save. Swann shimmied off Bennett’s shoulders for the roll-up win.
  • Lady Frost defeated Gisele Shaw. Frost connected on a corkscrew moonsault to give the Quintessential Diva her first loss in Impact.

Share you thoughts on Sacrifice. Are you jazzed for Moose versus Josh Alexander?

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