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Briscoes are coming to Impact for a dream match

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WCW was where the big boys play. Look at the adjective. Impact will be where Dem Boys play. The Briscoe brothers are coming to Impact for a dream match.

Impact announced that the Briscoes will square off with the Good Brothers on April 1 in Dallas, TX.

Don’t be mad with me about the use of dream match. No, it’s not an April Fools’ joke. I’m referencing what was in the advertising. Seriously though, Briscoes versus Good Brothers is a pretty neat matchup of tag team legacies.

The current record stands at 1-1 between the two teams. The Good Brothers won the first round to defend the IWGP Tag Team Championship on May 17, 2014. The Briscoes evened the score with victory on February 19, 2016. Time for the rubber match.

Even more intriguing than that bout is the use of Multiverse of Matches as the title for the show. Impact embraces the Forbidden Door to maximize interest. With so many popular wrestlers ascending on Texas for WrestleMania week, the sky is the limit.

The Briscoes will have a busy night ahead of themselves on April 1. They are already booked to defend the ROH World Tag Team Championship against mystery opponents at ROH SuperCard of Honor on the same day. The ROH show starts at 8 pm ET, and the Impact show starts at 10 pm ET.

IMPACT Wrestling: Multiverse of Matches will be available for viewing exclusively through Fite TV.

Does the dream match between the Good Brothers and Briscoe brothers open your wallet?

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