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JONAH sledgehammers concrete slab on PCO’s chest during cinematic brawl in Impact

Monster fight!

JONAH and PCO took their feud to a violent level Thursday night during Impact Wrestling. It was already violent enough when JONAH supposedly broke PCO’s neck with a piledriver on ring steps. The French-Canadian Frankenstein returned a few weeks later to show his abnormal powers of recovery as Perfect Creation One.

During a Good Brothers promo on the latest Impact episode, PCO could be heard screaming in the background for JONAH to meet him in the parking lot to brawl. The Top Dog obliged to attack with a rusty dolly.

JONAH continued the assault to powerbomb PCO on a loading deck. When PCO refused to stay down, JONAH pulled out a sledgehammer to batter the ribs. JONAH then placed a concrete slab over PCO’s midsection. The Top Dog dropped the hammer smashing the concrete into little bits as dramatic cinematic music played.

PCO sat up like a true monster to goozle JONAH. PCO had the last laugh on this evening by slamming a truck door against JONAH’s head. PCO finished by shoveling asphalt onto JONAH’s body.

Surely this is leading to a Buried Alive match, right?

I must admit that I’m a sucker for Impact’s use of cinematic fight scenes. Whether good or bad, they always add an interesting element to the broadcast. That sledgehammer spot felt like watching old school martial arts exhibitions. If Bloodsport’s Ray Jackson can learn the Dim Mak, then I want to see him in the Impact Zone as their answer to Karate Kid’s John Kreese in AEW.

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