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Kenny King views Jonathan Gresham as being played by ROH

Impact’s Forbidden Door is wide open once again. The opening segment of Thursday night’s Impact Wrestling featured the ROH world champion, a member of Honor No More, a man claiming to represent NOAH, and a NJPW veteran.

The primary focus was on Kenny King calling out Jonathan Gresham as a stooge and chump being played by ROH. Gresham cut a promo in the center of the ring explaining that he is visiting Impact to share the true essence of ROH and professional wrestling with his Pure style. After Honor No More attacked him, he is now here for payback on Eddie Edwards in a match at the Rebellion PPV on April 23.

The champ was interrupted by King with disgust in his voice. He views Gresham as one the greatest technical wrestlers of a generation, but he also views Gresham as a puppet. King accused ROH of using him to bring prestige to their fallen company by defending the title around the world. Of all people, Gresham should be standing aside Honor No More. Even though Edwards ambushed Gresham, every member of Honor No More voted to take him out. King isn’t interested in Gresham’s Pure rules or the worthless ROH title belt. He just wants to finish the job to pound ass.

King brought the fire in his promo. He’s not necessarily wrong with his harsh words about Gresham being played by ROH. Gresham worked hard in a busy schedule keeping the ROH brand in the news during their hiatus, and then they turned around and sold the promotion to Tony Khan. Of course, it goes both ways. Gresham most likely benefit from the arrangement with higher fees for his services to defend the ROH World Championship at shows.

Match time! Gresham and King engaged in a physical battle. Gresham went to work damaging King’s knee severely. That paid dividends for the finish. When King attempted a lifting maneuver, he collapsed in the ring when his leg buckled. Gresham wasted no time in applying a figure-four. King handled the pain for a bit, so Gresham rose up to a standing position still holding the submission for leverage to keep King’s shoulders on the mat for the win.

After the match, Edwards ran in to attack Gresham. Edwards tossed aside the ROH belt like a piece of junk. As he was sizing up Gresham for a Boston Knee Party, Rocky Romero ran in for the save to repay the favor from last week. Romero and Gresham connected on double dropkicks to clear the ring.

If you are wondering where the reference to NOAH plays into this, look no further than Edwards. He hates Impact so much at this point in time that he is choosing to represent NOAH against Tomohiro Ishii at Impact Wrestling: Multiverse of Matches on Friday night (April 1).

Gresham will have his chance to bring honor to the new era of ROH when he competes in a world title unification bout against Bandido at ROH Supercard of Honor also on Friday night.

Do you see any validity in Kenny King’s promo towards Jonathan Gresham and ROH?

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