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Bullet Club collides with G.O.D. for maximum chaos in Impact

Anger ran hot on Thursday night’s Impact Wrestling as the Guerrillas of Destiny aimed to get hands on Jay White. Tama Tonga and Tanga Loa sought to destroy the Bullet Club leader for his treacherous backstabbing to kick them out of the crew.

For White, his actions were only business to shed dead weight from the Bullet Club. For G.O.D., it was personal. Tonga brought White into the Bullet Club. He accused White of being threatened by his position. Eric Young walked in with Violent by Design. He was grooving to Tonga’s energy of payback. G.O.D. clarified that they were not together with VBD, so EY calmed the tension by proposing a business arrangement. VBD gets to put hands on the Good Brothers, and G.O.D. gets to take their pound of flesh from White.

G.O.D. and VBD were booked for the TV main event against the Bullet Club quartet of White, Karl Anderson, Doc Gallows, and Chris Bey. G.O.D. was last to come out, and they sprinted to the ring for a brawl before the bell. White dipped out to safety as everyone else fought.

The donnybrook became so hectic that security tried to separate the skirmish, so the official 8-man tag could take place. Security did not have much success. Scott D’Amore came on the scene to declare there was no way this match could take place. Fans booed. D’Amore pivoted to say that it would not take place as a regular wrestling match. The boss man made it No DQ. Ring the bell! Fans rejoiced.

Commentary explained that Joe Doering and Deaner were representing VBD for this bout. Due to the No DQ stipulation, Eric Young was escorted backstage. To keep it at fair numbers, Young was not allowed to interfere or else his team would lose their tag title shot.

Despite so many competitors, the in-ring action was mostly one-on-one as the rest fought on the floor. Instruments of pain included trashcans, chairs, and chains. Highlights were Bey placing a trashcan over Deaner’s upper body for a double stomp, Doering catching a slingshot plancha from Bey to slam him on the apron, and interactions between smooth Switchbalde and rugged Doering.

Down the stretch, the Good Brothers and G.O.D. brawled up the ramp and backstage. In the ring, White chuckled. Unfortunately for Switchblade, the mean mug of Doering was waiting. White was flattened by a body slam and elbow drop. Deaner followed for a flying headbutt, but White kicked out on the cover.

In the end, Doering pulled a door out from under the ring as plunder. His scheme backfired when Bey dodged a shoulder tackle. Doering crashed into the door in the corner and tumbled out of the ring. White blasted Deaner with a half-and-half suplex then a Blade Runner onto a chair for victory.

The match was over, but the action was not. Cameras continued filming the fisticuffs backstage with the Good Brothers and G.O.D. Tonga and Loa gained momentum by smashing their foes with a guardrail. Anderson and Gallows retreated to escape out the side door into the night.

There was also a ladder involved. I wouldn’t be surprised if the next showdown becomes a ladder match between the Good Brothers and G.O.D. for Impact tag team gold.

Bullet Club’s next order of business in Impact will be Sacrifice on March 5. Jay White wrestles former mentor Alex Shelley, and the Good Brothers defend the Impact tag titles against Violent by Design. The presumed pairing for the challengers will be Young and Doering. G.O.D. has not yet been announced for the show.

Did you feel that this 8-man tag a tasty appetizer for things to come in the war with the Bullet Club and G.O.D.? How do you want to see the various matchups play out in the future? Surely Tama Tonga will get Jay White one-on-one at some point.

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