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Impact world champ Moose speared Josh Alexander’s wife at indie show

The Impact World Championship feud between Moose and Josh Alexander reached new heights of dastardliness after a despicable act Saturday night during a local independent show from Destiny Wrestling in Canada.

This feud went from 0 to 100 right off the bat at Bound for Glory in October 2021. Minutes after Josh Alexander won the Impact World Championship from Christian Cage, Moose cashed in a title shot while Alexander was still celebrating with his wife and young son in the ring. Moose took advantage of Alexander shielding his family to safety in a quick win to become the new champ.

Alexander was determined to get revenge, but Impact head honcho Scott D’Amore kept allowing obstacles to slow down Alexander. D’Amore claimed that Alexander needed to get his emotions in check. It got so bad that D’Amore sent Alexander home from Impact. The reality was that Alexander had visa issues after his contract expired, but don’t let real life get in the way of a good wrestling story.

Alexander made a surprise return earlier this month at Sacrifice to reveal he had a new contract. The Walking Weapon arrived with violence for a sneak attack to hit a double underhook piledriver on Moose. Alexander also declared that he had an official contract for his world title rematch against Moose at Rebellion on April 23.

Moose had one week to sign the paperwork. He was running a little late, so he decided to request assistance by showing up unannounced at Alexander’s house while the man himself had a match in the Impact Zone. Moose didn’t harm anyone on that occasion, but the implications were clear. Nobody was off limits to Moose.

This past Thursday on Impact Wrestling, Alexander was livid and tried to kill Moose by throwing him off a balcony at the venue.

Madman Fulton acted the good citizen to intervene and prevent potential murder. No good deed goes unpunished in the Impact Zone. Impact booked Fulton versus Alexander for the next episode of Impact Wrestling.

Saturday night added a new twist to this feud. Alexander was fresh off victory in a bout at Destiny Wrestling when Moose mimicked Alexander’s sneakiness to rush the ring and spear his wife in front of children.

If you’re wondering how Moose could stoop to such a level, the man has no conscience.

The only thing that matters to Moose is keeping the Impact World Championship in his possession.

I’m curious how Impact handles this situation. Alexander won’t be content being told to wait until April 23 at Rebellion to put hands on Moose again. Even if Impact suspends Moose until that date, it wouldn’t necessary stop Alexander from making a home visit looking for payback.

Where do Moose’s actions rank on the scumbag scale? Is he the most villainous wrestler in the sport today?

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