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Matt Cardona ambushed Mickie James as Chelsea Green laughed on Impact

It’s getting to the point that DTA is changing to DTC. Don’t trust Cardona. That applies to both Matt Cardona and his wife, Chelsea Green. They have been running amok across the wrestling landscape. The Cardonas’ latest victim was Mickie James during Thursday night’s (March 24) edition of Impact Wrestling.

The story going in was Mickie James competing in a street fight to win back the Knockouts Championship from Tasha Steelz. Chelsea Green offered to watch James’ back to ward off any attacks from Savannah Evans as Steelz’s goon, but James politely declined. She didn’t want Green to injure her broken arm any further.

Steelz decided to be a fighting champion, so she told Evans to stay in the back. The Boricua Badass planned to finish off James on her own.

Evans’ absence didn’t last long. James went Hardcore Country to dominate Steelz early. After a neckbreaker on stage, James placed a trashcan over Steelz’s body and rolled the champ down the ramp. That’s when Evans arrived from behind blasting a cheap shot.

Steelz took control for a stretch with occasional assistance from Evans. The tide turned for James when she powerbombed Evans off the apron onto a stubborn table. Steelz shoved James onto the table, and the wood still refused to break. James fired up to ruckus with a trashcan. She went so wild that she almost hit the referee by accident.

As the match progressed, James blocked a crucifix bomb finisher by holding onto the ropes. James connected on a DDT. 1, 2, Evans pulled the referee out of the ring. James went at Evans through the air, but the powerhouse caught James to ram into the ring post. Evans stomped on James waiting for Steelz to recover. That’s when Green ran down to the ring.

Steelz and Evans were ready to fight the intruder, but Green opened a chair in the ring and took a seat. She honored James’ wishes not to get involved and watched as Steelz and Evans finished off James. Evans lifted James high for Steelz to land a springboard Superman punch. Green remained in her chair with a smile on her face. Steelz closed out with a frog splash to retain the Knockouts Championship.

In the aftermath, Green talked trash about not needing James. Tears moistened Mickie’s eyes, then she exploded with rage for a slap fight. James tackled Green out of the chair to land punches.

Green exited the ring to safety. Out of nowhere, Matt Cardona was in the ring sizing up James. He crushed her with a Radio Silence leg lariat. Green picked at the carcass with a rough shot from her arm cast. Green removed the casing to reveal it was a fake injury. The Cardonas shared a slobbering smooch session to close the show.

Don’t think for one second that James isn’t going to thump Green. She issued a warning after the show.

For what it’s worth, Nick Aldis was not pleased about the attack on his wife.

The Aldis family versus the Cardona family just might be the spiciest feud in wrestling right now. It could span two promotions in Impact and NWA. Cardona retained the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship against Aldis last weekend due to an accidental screwjob from Jeff Jarrett. Imagine the excitement if Aldis appears in the Impact Zone to kick some Cardona ass. Sign me up! It would be justice if Aldis takes the NWA title from Cardona, then James takes the Impact Digital Media Championship from him too.

Which side are you choosing for this family feud?

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