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Good Brothers fail to regain Impact tag titles after shenanigans in lumberjack match

The Bullet Club are having a rough time in Impact lately. Last week, the referee made a questionable call judging that “Switchblade” Jay White did not save Chris Bey from a pinfall in time and awarded the victory to the reuniting Motor City Machine Guns. This week, the Good Brothers had an opportunity to regain the Impact tag titles from Eric Young’s Violent by Design crew, but shenanigans were afoot preventing the Good Brothers from celebrating with a Too Sweet.

The championship bout between Karl Anderson & Doc Gallows and Eric Young & Joe Doering had a lumberjack stipulation with wrestlers surrounding the ring. For the most part, the lumberjacks did their jobs without taking cheap shots. That was until the finish.

Close call pinfalls came after a powerslam to flying elbow combo from VBD and a Magic Killer from the Good Brothers. During the Magic Killer moment, Deaner stepped onto the apron to distract the referee from counting three. Doering clotheslined Gallows out of the ring and followed with a crossbody off the apron onto a pile of bodies below.

As the referee was focused on that hullabaloo, Honor No More took liberties with Anderson in the ring. Mike Bennett snuck a low blow from behind. Taven added his Climax finisher driving Sweet Karl’s head into the mat. Young pounced for the easy pin on the limp body of his opponent. Violent by Design retained the Impact tag titles.

As far as I know, the Bullet Club and Honor No More don’t have any past issues. I can’t count out Young from wheeling and dealing to form a business arrangement with Honor No More in exchange for a future title shot. EY is a crafty fellow. The Bullet Club won’t take this trifling lightly. A faction fight with Honor No More may be on the horizon.

What’s your theory for why Honor No More interfered?

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