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Impact recap: Moose makes a home delivery to Josh Alexander’s wife

Impact Wrestling (Mar. 17, 2022) featured the reunion of the Motor City Machine Guns ending in a controversial finish against the Bullet Club, Heath getting the band back together, and Moose asking Josh Alexander’s wife for a personal favor.

The cliffhanger from last week was Moose being forced to sign the contract to defend the Impact World Championship against Josh Alexander at the Rebellion PPV on April 23. Scott D’Amore gave Moose one week to get it done or else he would be stripped of the world title.

Alexander wasn’t concerned about this matter on Thursday night. He was focused on returning to the ring to wrestle Matt Taven of Honor No More.

In the TV main event, Taven took Alexander to the limit. The strategy of working the arm paid off when Alexander had difficulty executing the C4 double underhook piledriver on three separate occasions. Alexander grit through the pain to make sure he finished the fourth time. After a superplex, Alexander pounced for the C4 and victory.

Even though Alexander anticipated Moose arriving in the most dramatic way possible, Moose’s next step went above and beyond. The champ was running a little late, because he flew all the way to Toronto to visit the Impact home office. Alexander’s house just so happened to be a mile away, so Moose paid his family a visit. Moose kindly asked Alexander’s wife (Jade Chung) to bring the papers to the office as a favor. All the while an ominous threat of violence simmered in the air with Alexander’s young son hugging on his mommy’s leg. That vibe may have just been the creepy cinematic music though.

Talk about taking mind games to the next level. Alexander is going to blow a gasket once he sees that footage. I wouldn’t be surprised if Alexander becomes so enraged that he attacks Moose on sight next week. I also wouldn’t be surprised if that is Moose’s plan to weasel out of the contracted title fight at Rebellion on April 23.

Let’s blitz through the rest of the show.

Motor City Machine Guns defeated Jay White & Chris Bey of the Bullet Club. (Full details.) MCMG had momentum and finished with a flying splash from Alex Shelley into a neckbreaker from Chris Sabin to pin Bey. White tried to the break the cover, but the referee ruled that the three-count was complete.

Steve Maclin defeated Rhino. A rugged donnybrook ended with Maclin spearing Rhino for victory.

The IInspiration cozied up to Kaleb Konley again. They appreciate him trying to help, even though, it backfired and cost them the tag titles. Just make sure he gets it right next time.

Rhino was down about the loss. Heath suggested they get the band back together to win the Impact tag titles. Rhino was on board.

Bhupinder Gujjar defeated Larry D. Raj Singh came down to support Gujjar, however, Gujjar still wanted no part of Singh. Larry and Gujjar dueled for position on the turnbuckles, then Gujjar knocked D down to the mat. Gujjar launched for a spear to win.

Brian Myers had been on commentary for that bout. W. Morrissey came out with bad intentions toward Myers. The Most Professional Wrestler skedaddled. In the ring, Singh raised Gujjar’s hand in victory. Gujjar was annoyed and shoved Singh out. Singh had the bad fortune of landing in front of Morrissey. The 7-footer powerbombed Singh through a table.

Ace Austin interrupted the meditation of “Speedball” Mike Bailey. Ace looked forward to Bailey qualifying for the X-Division three-way title bout at Rebellion. Ace had the notion that Bailey would help him win the championship. Bailey was more interested in winning for himself.

Honor No More hyped the main event of the evening. Alisha Edwards walked in with stern words for Eddie Edwards. She chose Impact over Honor No More. When Eddie said that meant she chose Impact over him, she wasn’t having that bullshit ultimatum. Alisha is keeping the faith that Eddie will wake up and turn back. Eddie countered that Impact is the one going down the wrong path. Alisha contemplated his words to close the scene.

Champ Champ Challenge: Deonna Purrazzo retained against Gisele Shaw and Lady Frost. Both the AAA Reina de Reinas Championship and the ROH Women’s World Championship were on the line in the three-way. Frost walloped Shaw with kicks and a flying blockbuster. Purrazzo pounced on Frost for a Gotch piledriver to win.

Good Brothers want their tag title rematch against Violent by Design. Scott D’Amore obliged for a lumberjack match next week. The winner will defend the belts at Rebellion in an 8-team elimination challenge.

JONAH defeated Zicky Dice. Zicky turned his back, so JONAH made him pay with a clubbing blow. A flying splash won it.

After the match, PCO was wheeled out on stage atop a gurney. He rose up with a broken neck to reveal he was healed. That led to a brawl between the monsters. Security tried to break it up, so PCO flattened them with a flipping senton to the floor.

Last week, Tasha Steelz attacked Mickie James during a concert after the show.

Steelz and James will battle in a street fight for the Knockouts Championship next week. James was ready to dish out an ass whooping. Chelsea Green wanted to be in James’ corner to counter interference from Savannah Evans. James declined the offer due to Green’s arm injury. James would feel horrible if Green got hurt even worse. It’s not worth it.

Masha Slamovich defeated Arie. The fresh meat offered a handshake. Slamovich accepted but pulled Arie into a suplex. The Snow Plow driver finished it.

Zicky Dice was feeling rough after losing to JONAH. He doesn’t understand what’s missing in his game. Zicky has the look, body, and charisma for greatness. Maybe he just sucks as a wrestler. Gia Miller suggested finding a school to improve his craft. Zicky was eager to take that idea.

In a matter of amazing coincidence, a commercial aired for Johnny Swinger’s new school, which also doubled as a kinky sex dungeon. Lance Storm had a cameo to say he was not involved in this.

This week was a good wrestling episode from Impact. The matchups were fresh and the action delivered excitement. The controversial finish to MCMG versus Bullet Club adds an interesting layer to that feud. I was shocked that Steve Maclin beat Rhino with his own Gore finisher. That was demoralizing for Rhino, but it led to the reunion of the best friends tag team with Heath. Maclin’s rugged style is making me a fan. I’m also warming up to Bhupinder Gujjar. He has a great look and showed strength against Larry D. I’m not sure what the deal is with the Raj Singh drama, but I do enjoy watching Gujjar in the ring. Deonna Purrazzo kept the Champ Champ Challenge hot as we await the day a blockbuster name answers the call. The main event was high quality between Josh Alexander and Matt Taven. Taven stepped up to show he can be a top guy in Impact.

Best of all was Johnny Swinger’s newest business venture. He is one of the best parts of Impact each week. It’s impressive how they’ve used the Swingman with a wide variety of outrageous dealings to serve as a catalyst for other stories to advance. I’m looking forward to him taking Zicky Dice under his wing.

Share your thoughts on Impact Wrestling. What was your favorite match? Who stole the show?

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