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Heath gets the band back together in Impact Wrestling

Heath has been in many bands throughout his career ranging from Nexus to 3MB. Heck, he’s even been the One-Man Band. The solo act hasn’t resulted in success, so Heath decided to get the band back together during Impact Wrestling.

One of Impact’s better stories during 2020 was Heath’s arrival in search of a contract. He finally achieved his goal with a little help from his friend, Rhino. Unfortunately, Heath got injured and missed substantial time during 2021. That left his buddy floating in a fog of violence. When Heath returned, he fought to regain the friendship. 2022 was a slow start for the duo. Circumstances pushed them in separate directions. Heath talked his way into a world title shot against Moose, and Rhino defended the honor of Impact against Honor No More. Both pals ended up on the losing end.

Rhino had business to attend to during Thursday night’s episode of Impact Wrestling. He fought a slobberknocker against Steve Maclin, but the result was not a good one. Maclin speared Rhino for victory.

Backstage, Rhino was in a puddle of pain and frustration. Heath approached with a sales pitch. They are better as a unit, so Heath suggested that the band gets back together to chase the Impact tag titles. Rhino was amped up to fulfill the promise they made to each other. Let’s go!

It sounds like Heath and Rhino won’t have to wait long for a title shot. When the Good Brothers requested their rematch against champs Violent by Design, Scott D’Amore broke news that the match will take place next week, and it will be a lumberjack match. The winner will advance to the Rebellion PPV on April 23 to wrestle an 8-team elimination challenge. There’s no reason why Heath and Rhino can’t be in that mix for the PPV.

To recap that schedule, Violent by Design will defend the tag belts against the Good Brothers on the March 18 taping in Philadelphia, PA. That bout will air next week on TV for March 24.

The format of the 8-team elimination challenge at Rebellion is not yet clear, but what is clear is that Heath and Rhino are back together again, baby!

Are you rooting for Heath and Rhino to win the Impact tag titles?

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