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Motor City Machine Guns reunion versus Bullet Club ends with controversial finish in Impact

Rat-a-tat-tat, the Motor City Machine Guns are back. Chris Sabin and Alex Shelley reunited in Impact Wrestling to handle beef with the Bullet Club. MCMG rocked the ring as only they can, but the bout ended in controversy on Thursday night.

“Switchblade” Jay White and Chris Bey were confident coming in to prove MCMG are irrelevant when across the ring from the Bullet Club.

Sabin and Shelley were pumped to light up the feud with the Bullet Club jackasses.

The bout kicked off with the story igniting the feud between Shelley and White. Shelley offered a handshake. White declined and put up a Too Sweet instead. Shelley replied with a hard chop to the chest. The action was underway.

MCMG controlled the contest early with slick tag team efficiency. The Bullet Club rallied to take charge of the middle portion. The stretch run saw both teams popping big moves. Shelley belly-to-belly suplexed Bey crashing into White stuck in the Tree of Woe. Sabin followed with a dropkick to White then a satellite DDT. After kicking out on the cover, White returned fire for a snap suplex into the corner. Bey ran wild for a suicide dive to Shelley and a flying crossbody to Sabin. Bey connected on a fireman’s carry neckbreaker, but Sabin kicked out on the pinfall.

The match broke down into multiple dragon screw leg whips across the board. Shelley turned the tide for a double move DDT and neckbreaker to both Bullet Club members. MCMG teed off on Bey with kicks. Sabin and Shelley sensed it was time to end it. MCMG launched for the flying splash and neckbreaker combo to Bey. 1, 2... Controversy!

White appeared to make the break to save Bey in the nick of time, but the referee counted to three anyway. The win was awarded to MCMG. It was a tough call that could have went either way. Judge for yourself.

This feud is far from over. White and Sabin are scheduled to duel in one-on-one action at IMPACT Wrestling: Multiverse of Matches on April 1.

Which call do you think is the correct ruling for the finish?

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