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Impact recap: Management threatens to strip Moose of world title

Impact Wrestling (Mar. 10, 2022) featured Moose being threatened to lose his world title, a reunion of the Motor City Machine Guns, and Honor No More flexing their muscle in the fallout to Sacrifice.

At Sacrifice, Moose retained the Impact World Championship against Heath. In the aftermath, Josh Alexander stormed the ring to plant Moose with a double underhook pilediver. Alexander informed the world that he re-signed with Impact and also had a contract for a world title shot at Rebellion on April 23.

During Impact Wrestling, Moose tried to play Scott D’Amore’s ego by pointing out how Alexander went behind his back and over his head to secure the contract. D’Amore revealed that he was the one who spoke with Alexander at the corporate office in Canada. He handed the paperwork to Moose to make the title match official. D’Amore also tossed in a threat. If Moose doesn’t return the contract signed next week, then the championship will be stripped.

In no way do I support Moose as an evil man, but D’Amore seems to be really overstepping his bounds of power with threats of stripping Moose for the world title. There’s plenty of time before Rebellion on April 23. If I were Moose, I wouldn’t trust D’Amore. Get twenty-six separate lawyers to comb through the contract looking for any sneaky clauses. Also, please find a way to give viewers that contract signing in the ring that will inevitable erupt in violence. Darn that D’Amore for taking that from us.

Josh Alexander wasn’t content to wait for Rebellion. He is focused on the title match, but he wants ring action against Honor No More. D’Amore obliged for a bout versus Matt Taven next week, however, he added a condition. Focus on the world championship.

I don’t think I’m buying D’Amore’s master plan here. It feels like bullshit to protect his status as kingpin of the locker room. Why go to all this trouble sending Alexander home when they could have just ironed out the contract before tensions escalated to that point? And D’Amore still has the same issues controlling Alexander. This whole thing doesn’t mesh well for me to believe it at face value.

Let’s blitz through the rest of the show.

Jordynne Grace defeated Havok. In BTI pre-show action, Grace had trouble attempting a Grace Driver, so she used a choke hold to put Havok to sleep.

Josh Alexander started the show with an in-ring promo about his future clash with Moose for the Impact World Championship at the Rebellion PPV on April 23. He will have his revenge. Eddie Edwards entered with Honor No More by his side claiming Alexander was handed all his success. This led to foolish bravado from Alexander challenging Honor No More to fisticuffs right now. Honor No More stomped him down, then Team Impact ran out to brawl. Scott D’Amore had enough. He booked Willie Mack versus Kenny King and Eddie Edwards versus Rich Swann for the show. Ringside interlopers were banned for both contests.

Willie Mack defeated Kenny King. K-I-N-G KING! King had momentum on a bridging T-bone suplex. Mack dodged a flying dive to pop off a stunner. Mack leaped high for a frog splash to win.

X-Division Championship qualifier: Ace Austin defeated John Skyler and Crazzy Steve. Skyler hoisted Steve up high, so the crazy man bit him. Ace took advantage to fly in for a Doomsday Fold on Steve to win. Ace advances to the three-way X-Division Championship match at Rebellion against Trey Miguel and a competitor to be determined.

Bhupinder Gujjar plans to rise up the rankings. Raj Singh approached as a friend, but Gujjar didn’t want any business with him. Larry D entered with anger that Impact has no room for him anymore, but there is room for these two. Larry coldcocked Singh. Gujjar got in Larry’s face. After Larry split, Singh commented that he and Gujjar need to be on the same side. Gujjar stormed off.

Violent by Design has power and control with the Impact tag titles. They set a plan in motion and executed it against the Good Brothers. Eric Young follows through on his word. Winning the tag championship wasn’t luck. It was by design.

Mickie James, Chelsea Green, Jessie McKay & Cassie Lee defeated Tasha Steelz, Savannah Evans, Tenille Dashwood, & Madison Rayne. Green was wrestling with a broken arm. In the end, Kaleb Konley pulled Green off the apron to prevent a hot tag. She kicked him in the junk as retaliation. This allowed Mickie time to counter Steelz for a DDT to win.

JONAH spoke about his victory over PCO. PCO is called a monster. JONAH doesn’t believe in monsters, but monsters believe in him. He showed the whole world that PCO is human.

The Bullet Club addressed their current plans. The Good Brothers will regain the tag titles from Violent by Design. Jay White handled his business to beat Alex Shelley, but the issue of a handshake was lingering. White invited Shelley to the ring to maybe partake in a Too Sweet. Shelley declined. He was hurt that his friend walked out on the handshake. White and Shelley engaged in trash-talk. Chris Bey pointed out how Shelley was alone. Shelley shot back that he is never alone in Impact. Chris Sabin entered for a Motor City Machine Guns reunion. MCMG challenged White & Bey to a tag bout next week. Game on.

Deonna Purrazzo offered another Champ Champ Challenge. Gisele Shaw walked in eyeing the titles. Purrazzo was exasperated with the interruption. The concept is simple. Show up to the ring to answer the challenge. Lady Frost stepped in with an eye toward Shaw. Purrazzo had enough of both these goobers. She has one title for each of them. Next week will be a three-way dance.

Eddie Edwards defeated Rich Swann. The dancing man boogied for a Phoenix splash, but Edwards rolled away. After Swann collided with the mat, Edwards crushed him with a clothesline and Boston Knee Party. A cross-legged driver sealed the deal.

Honor No More closed the show celebrating with Edwards.

Eddie Edwards’ promo about joining Honor No More had promise with the idea of exposing corruption. So far though, his leadership of Honor No More has been an underwhelming story. They basically turned into a generic group of heels. The direction seems to be pointed toward a future championship bout between Alexander and Edwards. That personal beef is in line with Edwards’ story, but the larger picture could be so much more. For the rest of Honor No More, they seem to be treading water to continue this feud with Team Impact.

The promo exchange between “Switchblade” Jay White and Alex Shelley was outstanding. They played off each other’s words with witty retorts that made sense. With all White’s talk about being the best wrestler in the world, it makes me wonder if AEW will pick that up in the future for potential matches against CM Punk or Kenny Omega. For now, Impact has earned my attention with White. They’ve used him well to create interesting matches and mini-stories.

We’ll close with video of Jason Hotch and Jack Price winning Gut Check contracts.

Share your thoughts on Impact Wrestling. What was your favorite match? Who stole the show?

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