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Chelsea Green proves useful in tag team wrestling with broken arm on Impact

Chelsea Green broke her arm in an Impact ring last Saturday night at Sacrifice, but that injury isn’t slowing her down. Green competed the following night in an 8-woman tag, which aired Thursday on Impact Wrestling. Even with a cast, Green proved useful in victory.

Despite wearing a cast, commentary mentioned that Green was medically cleared to compete. She teamed with Mickie James, Jessie McKay, and Cassie Lee against Tasha Steelz, Savannah Evans, Tenille Dashwood, and Madison Rayne. The Hot Mess was gung-ho about starting off the match, but her teammates were reluctant to bring her in. James ushered Green onto the apron for her own safety.

Even though Green didn’t see action in the ring, she did manage to turn the tide toward victory when it mattered most. The IInspiration and the Influence were both down and out after intense action. Mickie rallied with hot tag offense. Green used her cast to block a cheap punch from Evans. That sent the bruiser stumbling into a Mick Kick.

Steelz popped in for a surprise cutter to Mickie. With Green the only team member left on the apron, Hardcore Country had no choice but to tag her. Kaleb Konley stifled that plan by pulling Green off the apron to miss the tag. An enraged Green retaliated by kicking Konley square in the nuggets. That bought time for Mickie to recover for a counter DDT to pin Steelz.

Beware the wrath of the Hot Mess. Even with a broken arm, Green brought the ruckus. She needs to change her theme song to a version of, “Wu-Tang Clan Ain’t Nuthing ta F’ Wit.”

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