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W. Morrissey punished Moose with no pants in a hotel room

Don’t mess with W. Morrissey. Last week, Moose used the Learning Tree to pick his spot and ambush Morrissey. This week on Impact Wrestling, Morrissey took matters into his own hands by punishing Moose in his hotel room.

Morrissey entered the Impact Zone in a rage. Cameras caught him wailing on Brian Meyers’ goofball students backstage.

Morrissey spied Myers, VSK, and Zicky Dice down the hallway. The hunt was on. Cue cinematic music as the 7-footer smashed through VSK and Dice. Morrissey chased after Myers, but security blocked the path.

Scott D’Amore explained that he’ll hand over Myers in a No DQ match next week. As for Moose, D’Amore said he wasn’t in the building. He sent the Impact world champion back to his hotel room. Morrissey liked the sound of that and got an idea.

Cut to later in the show with Morrissey stomping down the hotel hallway to kick open the room door. Moose was startled in his underwear. The champ wasn’t expecting a fight. Morrissey bashed Moose into the refrigerator and slammed the freezer door on his head repeatedly. Morrissey tossed Moose into the camera, and the feed went out.

That was a terrifying little horror film. I can’t condone Moose’s recent behavior, but imagine being in his position relaxing without pants when an enormous barbarian busts through the door.

Morrissey will receive his official shot at Moose for the Impact World Championship at No Surrender on February 19.

Do you feel sympathy for Moose in that situation?

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