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Matt Cardona won an Impact championship!

Matt Cardona did it! He finally reached the mountaintop to win a championship in Impact.

Cardona competed against Jordynne Grace for the Impact Digital Media Championship to open Impact Wrestling. This was the first intergender singles bout of Cardona’s career. It took a while for Cardona to get comfortable. Anytime he struck with force, such as a suplex into the turnbuckles, it seemed like his conscience was not cooperating with the idea of intergender action. Cardona would often hesitate to take advantage when Grace was down.

Cardona’s attitude changed when he tumbled out of the ring in front of the timekeeper table and saw the championship staring him in the face. Cardona grabbed the prize with a lust for gold. As he entered the ring still holding the belt, the referee snatched it away. That’s when Cardona turned crooked. He whacked Grace with a steel chair while the ref’s back was turned. Cardona sheepishly shrugged then attacked with the Radio Silence leg lariat for victory.

Gia Miller requested comment from Cardona backstage. He was pumped to be new champ as he exited the building in a hurry.

Cardona is in his rightful place as king of the internet. Woo, woo, woo, you know it.

Are you happy for Cardona to win a championship in Impact? Do you prefer Cardona as a lovable loser or a scheming man of success?

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