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Impact recap: Matt Cardona gags on his own stinky jock in DotCombat title defense

Impact Wrestling (Feb. 24, 2022) featured Matt Cardona fighting Jordynne Grace in a DotCombat match, Heath stepping up to the Impact world champion, Eddie Edwards and Jay White giving explanations for their backstabbing, and Deonna Purrazzo’s champ champ open challenge continuing in the fallout to No Surrender.

The feud between Matt Cardona and Jordynne Grace over the Impact Digital Media (World) Championship raged on with a title defense on Impact Wrestling. Cardona cheated with a chairshot to win the belt. In the rematch at No Surrender, Grace was disqualified for a low blow in self-defense as Cardona was about to hit her with a chair. Cardona took the W and put himself over as the innovator of the internet division.

To make up to Grace for the cheap finish, Impact booked round three as a DotCombat match. That meant no DQ with plunder relating to technology. Foreign objects included a DVD player, a computer keyboard, random machine parts, a selfie stick, a mouse, and a sack of cell phones.

Cardona hit the first power move with a DDT on the floor. When he whacked Grace in the back with a keyboard, the keys went flying out from the impact. Grace rallied by reversing a suplex to drop Cardona onto a chair damaging his ribs.

Later, Grace emptied out a sack of cell phones. As the two were fighting in the corner, Grace powerbombed Cardona onto the pile of devices. Cardona survived the pinfall by punching Grace in the head with a mouse to get free.

When Cardona was in control with a chair, Grace went low for a blow. Shockingly, Cardona felt no pain. He reached into his trunks to reveal a cup. Cardona tried to use that item to hit Grace, but she responded with a kick to the groin. Cardona doubled over in agony. Grace snatched the cup and put it on his face like an oxygen mask. The smell was overwhelming and Cardona was close to passing out.


With Cardona’s shoulders on the mat, the referee started counting. 1, 2, Cardona kicked out to free himself from the horrible stench. Grace aimed to finish the fight with a half nelson driver. Cardona powered out sending Grace crashing headfirst into a chair in the corner. He used the ropes for leverage on a stack pin to retain. Cardona is still champion of the internet.


Let’s blitz through the rest of the show.

Moose opened the broadcast to gloat about his win over W. Morrissey, but he was frustrated that the bigger story was Eddie Edwards joining Honor No More. Moose doesn’t care about ROH or Impact. Heath came out upset that the Impact world champ didn’t have the company’s back. He challenged Moose, so fans could have a champion invested in Impact’s well-being. When Moose said he doesn’t care about heath’s ugly kids, fisticuffs broke out. Heath stood tall holding the title high.

Backstage, the Impact heroes were eager to put hands on Honor No More. Scott D’Amore ordered a ‘hands off’ policy. Honor No More earned the right to be in Impact, and he was curious to hear Edwards’ explanation for his treachery. Rhino wanted to rip Edwards apart, so D’Amore booked the singles match for Sacrifice on March 5.

Honor No More entered without Edwards. They didn’t trust the Impact locker room to keep peace, so Edwards will arrive on his own time to say his piece. Moose walked up to warn Honor No More. He has no issue with them, but don’t get in his way or come after the world title. D’Amore was aghast at Moose not having a problem with Honor No More, so he booked Moose versus Heath in a title bout at Sacrifice.

The Influence and the IInspiration had another verbal exchange. Manipulation of Kaleb Konley was on the menu. Cassie Lee slapped Madison Rayne across the cheek. Konley calmed the tension as the champs exited. Jessie McKay made sure to touch Konley on her way out.

Ace Austin & “Speedball” Mike Bailey beat Trey Miguel & Jake Something on the BTI pre-show with Jake taking the pin. During a backstage promo, Jake was disappointed. Trey interrupted with advice for Jake to not be so hard on himself. Jake didn’t take kindly to the suggestion. As the next X-Division challenger, Jake stated that Trey will fear him whether he likes it or not.

Bhupinder Gujjar defeated John Skyler. Gujjar turned the tide by tossing Skyler off the turnbuckles and exploded off the middle rope for a spear.

Brian Myers had set up his own commentary table for the previous bout. Afterward, W. Morrissey stomped down to the ring. He was coming for Myers. Morrissey popped Skyler then goozled Myers for a chokeslam. Skyler attacked from behind. That allowed space for Myers to escape. Morrissey powerbombed Skyler through the table.

Steve Maclin doesn’t care what Edwards has to say. That man lied for weeks creating the narrative that Maclin was a traitor. Maclin will make sure Edwards answers for that in a match next week.

Champ Champ open challenge: Deonna Purrazzo defeated Lady Frost. The surprise challenger had her pick of the AAA Reina de Reinas Championship or the ROH Women’s World Championship. Frost chose the AAA title. Purrazzo worked to grind Frost down and attack the knee to limit Frost’s gymnastic athleticism. Frost still managed to execute a moonsault off the apron.

In the end, Purrazzo crushed Frost’s momentum with a chop block and a Boston crab. Purrazzo finished by transitioning to a double armbar.

After the match, Gisele Shaw strut down the ramp to taunt Frost about her loss. The Quintessential Diva posed in the spotlight to close the scene.

“Switchblade” Jay White explained that it was strictly business to kick out G.O.D. from the Bullet Club. They didn’t measure up to the high standard. As leader, White made the executive decision to shed dead weight. Bullet Club felt right with the Good Brothers back on board. Eric Young interrupted to demand a tag title shot per their agreement. The Good Brothers were under new management, so White voided any previous arrangements. Tama Tonga ran in to attack White. A mini brawl broke out. The Bullet Club split away. G.O.D. and VBD were left with an unspoken understanding to be temporary associates. An 8-man tag against the Bullet Club was later announced for next week.

JONAH defeated Zicky Dice. The outlandish one started with fire as the bell rang, but the Top Dog extinguished Dice with a running senton and sitdown powerbomb to win. JONAH added a flying splash after the match for good measure.

Backstage, Gail Kim ordered JONAH to cease his post-match beatdowns. JONAH requested tougher opponents, so Kim gave him PCO for Sacrifice. After JONAH exited, Johnny Swinger approached Kim looking for a rematch with the Top Dog. Kim granted his request for next week.

Mickie James and Chelsea Green were in Kim’s office discussing James’ next title defense. The champ requested that Green get a shot. Tasha Steelz burst in blaming Green for her loss at No Surrender. Kim decided to make a #1 contender bout between Steelz and Green for next week.

Matt Taven, Mike Bennett, & Kenny King defeated Rich Swann, Chris Sabin, & Willie Mack. Honor No More took control in the end to pin Mack on a Proton Pack finisher from OGK.

Eddie Edwards finally arrived and gave his promo in the ring. He joined Honor No More to expose corruption within Impact. Edwards was angry about busting his ass then being passed over for a title shot to be the one to bring the Impact World Championship back home from AEW. That’s when he realized Impact management had no honor.

Alisha Edwards barged in with disappointment that Edwards was justifying his actions instead of asking for forgiveness. Eddie turned to his new family in Honor No More. Alisha wanted to know if he still considered her family. Eddie replied that it was her choice. Eddie exited with his crew as Alisha stood in the ring conflicted over picking her husband or Impact.

No Surrender created a lot of intrigue heading into TV, and Impact delivered on all angles. Moose has his next challenger, Jay White explained his business decision, and Eddie Edwards made sense of his traitorous deed. I’m very interested in seeing Edwards rail the line against corruption from Impact management. I’ve long felt the character of Scott D’Amore has lost control. He was duped by Don Callis, he acted like a hypocrite in sending home Josh Alexander, and he let Honor No More start a war on his watch. I’m curious if Edwards can transition to a role as serving justice or if he sinks into the depths of scumbaggery with Honor No More.

The attention to detail was impressive in this episode. Two things stood out to me. When Moose questioned Heath’s absence, Heath claimed COVID protocols. That was a smart line to insert, because Heath’s story of loyalty would have crashed down without it. I was also surprised by the appearance of Alisha Edwards. She’s not on screen every week, so it is easy to forget about her. It makes sense that she would have questions about her husband’s actions. Alisha’s promo added an extra layer of realism to the Honor No More story. It would be a dramatic turn of events if Eddie loses his wife over this.

On a parting note, Deaner has re-signed with Impact.

Share your thoughts on Impact Wrestling. What was your favorite match? Who stole the show?

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