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Eddie Edwards confronted by his wife for choosing ROH invaders over Impact

Eddie Edwards had some explaining to do after he betrayed Team Impact to join the ROH faction of invaders at No Surrender. Not only did his actions create a rift in the Impact locker room, but it may also create a rift in his marriage to Alisha Edwards.

Rich Swann, Chris Sabin, Willie Mack, Rhino, and Heath were chomping at the bit backstage to thrash the devious Edwards and his Honor No More cohorts. Scott D’Amore stepped in to issue a ‘hands off’ policy for Thursday evening on Impact Wrestling (Feb. 24, 2022).

The boss felt Edwards owed an explanation to world, and he didn’t want the Impact heroes to beat up Edwards before he had a chance to speak. D’Amore also wanted to honor his word for the winning stipulation from No Surrender that Honor No More earned the right to stick around in Impact. That said, D’Amore did book a six-man tag for later, and he granted Rhino’s request for a one-on-one match with Edwards at Sacrifice on March 5.

When Honor No More entered the venue fashionably late, Edwards was not in the group. Matt Taven explained that they didn’t trust the locker room not to react with violence, so Edwards will arrive on his own time to say his piece.

In the main event, Swann, Sabin, and Mack collided with Taven, Mike Bennett, and Kenny King. Down the stretch, Honor No More took advantage when chaos broke out. Mack slapped the taste out of King’s mouth, then he turned around into a discus strike from Bennett. OGK hit the Proton Pack teamwork kick/backpack stunner finisher on Mack for victory.

That’s when Edwards finally made his presence known. The dastardly bastard walked to the ring intent on explaining, “Why, Eddie, why?” D’Amore made sure to clear the area of Impact wrestlers allowing Edwards a safe space to speak.

Edwards has known the ROH crew for a long time, but that’s not why he joined Honor No More. When ROH abruptly announced their hiatus, all the blood, sweat, and tears poured into ROH felt like nothing. That’s not why he opened the door for Honor No More.

Edwards turned his back on Impact as an effort to expose corruption within the company. When Impact allowed outsiders to walk through the doors, they should have seen what was coming. After Kenny Omega won the Impact World Championship, Edwards kept faith that Impact knew what they were doing. As time progressed, Edwards watched Impact challengers fail at their jobs in trying to bring the title back to the company. When Edwards scored a win over Omega in trios action, he assumed his shot was next. However, Impact chose Josh Alexander instead. Edwards viewed that as the moment revealing Impact truly had no honor.

Edwards was proud to be called the heart of Impact Wrestling. Make no mistake. He didn’t turn his back on Impact. It was D’Amore’s decisions that ripped Edwards’ heart from his chest forcing him into drastic actions. Edwards gave everything to Impact and got nothing in return.

Eddie was done speaking, but his wife was just getting started. Alisha came down to the ring.

Alisha couldn’t believe that he was defending his actions instead of asking for forgiveness. She chastised her husband for complaining about Josh Alexander’s success. She felt that Eddie should be celebrating with his family.

Eddie cut in to say Honor No More is his family. Alisha asked where that leaves her. Is she still his family? Eddie said it was up to her as he exited with Honor No More. The show closed with Eddie on stage and Alisha in the ring for a dramatic tease of will she or won’t she.

Are you satisfied with Eddie Edwards’ explanation? Which side should Alisha Edwards support?

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