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Bullet Club drama heats up as Jay White talks plans, gets Sacrifice match with his mentor

For the first time in what feels like a long time, the Bullet Club is something wrestling fans — and particularly American wrestling fans — are paying attention to.

No disrespect to OGs like Tama Tonga and Bad Luck Fale, or new blood like KENTA*. But with the steady exodus of guys from Prince Devitt (aka Finn Bálor), AJ Styles & Adam Cole to finally The Young Bucks & Kenny Omega... many of us on this side of the Pacific just found other stables and angles to occupy our time with. It just didn’t seem like Bullet Club was 4Life any more.

KENTA walking through the Forbidden Door to AEW when the Omega-led Elite were running wild proved Biz Cliz drama could still pique our interest, though. Now one of the men who can be considered the current leader of the Club, Switchblade Jay White, has shown up on Dynamite & Rampage at Cole’s invitation. He’s also been appearing Impact, where last Saturday at No Surrender he sided with one founder (Machine Gun Karl Anderson) against another (Tonga).

Now it’s on like Donkey Kong.

What’s next? Well. The Switchblade continues to talk about his vision to create “the best version of Bullet Club across New Japan Pro-Wrestling, AEW, and Impact.”

He also made sure Matt & Nick Jackson, who’ve seemed less-than-thrilled that Cole invited White to their company, saw what he did to Guerrillas of Destiny in Impact.

Tama and the Bucks both reacted to that move.

Meanwhile, Impact is giving Switchblade a chance to work out some other issues.

Alex Shelley was White’s first opponent in NJPW back in 2015. When Jay came to the States a year later, he lived with Shelley while they worked together in Ring of Honor. In ROH, White & Shelley often worked together (along with Alex’s Motor City Machine Guns partner Chris Sabin) for matches against... Bullet Club.

Could this lead to Sabin getting involved? Maybe we’ll end up revisiting the MCMG/Bucks feuds of years past? How will G.O.D. retaliate against Switchblade? Where does reDRagon fit in? What happens when Kenny comes back in a few months?

Time to get interested in Bullet Club again...

* As opposed to House of Torture, to whom I definitely mean at least some disrespect.

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