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Eddie Edwards stabs Impact in the back to support ROH invaders at No Surrender

In recent years, Eddie Edwards was commonly associated as being the heart and soul of Impact Wrestling. He can flush that sentiment down the toilet after stabbing Impact in the back in support of an invading ROH faction.

The story heading into the No Surrender special event was a group of hooligans previously employed by ROH trying to force their way into Impact through blunt force. After ROH went on hiatus and pretty much terminated the entire roster, the group of Matt Taven, Maria Kanellis, Mike Bennett, Vincent, PCO, and Kenny King lost their sense of honor to create Honor No More. They crashed the Impact Zone on several occasions causing physical harm far and wide. Scott D’Amore eventually had enough and set up a big match with a special stipulation. If Honor No More beat Impact’s all-stars, then they could stick around. If they lost, then they must leave for good.

Team Impact saw a lot of fluctuation in their lineup over the weeks. It began as Edwards, Josh Alexander, Chris Sabin, Rich Swann, and Rhino. Alexander was kicked off the team by D’Amore and sent home to work on controlling his emotions. Initially, the crew wanted Jonathan Gresham as the replacement, but they later found him beaten down backstage. That led to Steve Maclin filling the spot, however, the team didn’t trust him and felt he might have selfishly attacked Gresham. Whatever the case, Team Impact was out of time and had no choice but to accept Maclin.

During No Surrender, Edwards was mysteriously found unconscious backstage. Swann had a backup plan by bringing Willie Mack. The official quintet for Team Impact became Sabin, Swann, Mack, Rhino, and Maclin.

The 10-man tag had a constant pace of steady action throughout. Once King ole’d Maclin into colliding with the referee, an ominous feeling emanated that funny business was coming soon.

The match broke down into wild flying attacks all around. Swann and Mack took the worst of it on a flying flipping senton from PCO and then a flying flipping senton from Vincent as they were hanging off the apron.

Rhino and Bennett were the last ones standing in the ring. Maria stepped in the way to protect her husband. Taven reentered to stand alongside his OGK mates to outnumber Rhino. Edwards ran in swinging his kendo stick wildly to assist Impact. Taven and Bennett ducked out leaving Maria by her lonesome. Edwards called for Rhino to spear her. As the big man charged, Edwards stabbed Impact in the back by whacking Rhino in the head with his kendo stick.

Edwards violently cracked his kendo stick on the heads of Sabin, Swann, Mack, and Maclin as well. He did so much damage that his kendo stick was completely destroyed. Edwards revived the referee and ordered the three-count as King pinned Rhino for Honor No More to win.

Edwards posed with Honor No More to close No Surrender.

Edwards’ motivation has yet to be openly addressed, but he did have a long relationship with ROH in the past. Edwards held the world title, TV title, and tag titles in ROH and was their first triple crown champion.

Did Edwards’ treachery make you cry as an Impact fan?

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