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Impact No Surrender preview: Give us W. Morrissey as World champ

The time for No Surrender is here. Impact built solid stories for the special event airing Saturday, February 19. I’m genuinely eager for numerous bouts on the card. Let’s break down the lineup with previews and predictions.

Impact World Championship: Moose (c) vs. W. Morrissey

Moose and Morrissey have a long-winding relationship as men with a common goal, but it was clear that they were never friends. Moose said he would screw Morrissey if it meant getting his hands on the world title. That’s exactly what happened. Moose turned on Morrissey to win the Call Your Shot Gauntlet, then he cashed in later that night to steal the belt from Josh Alexander.

Moose convinced Morrissey to continue assisting him in exchange for a future title shot. Once Morrissey realized that Moose would never deliver on that promise, the 7-footer came to collect. Morrissey was screwed from winning the belt in a three-way with Matt Cardona at Hard to Kill, so he demanded a rematch. Not content to wait for an official booking, he forced Impact’s hand with repeated chaos toward Moose. Attacks each week became more vicious between the two behemoths with Morrissey chokeslamming Moose off the stage through a table on the go-home show.

This bout is going to be a slobberknocker. Moose seems likely to retain due to being the foil for Alexander’s future redemption, but I really want Morrissey to raise the title in victory. I’m putting this request out there for the gods of professional wrestling, not to be confused with Moose as the Wrestling God because he would say no. Time for a sales pitch.

It can’t be denied that Alexander conquering Moose would be a great moment for that story, but a wrench was recently thrown into the works when Alexander’s contract expired to cause visa issues for the Canadian.

With uncertainty over Alexander’s status and possibly not even re-signing with Impact, I say it is time to call an audible. Morrissey has the hot hand right now, so give him the strap instead and ride the wave. Fans find interest for his personal story of redemption, and they root for his ass-kicking force in the ring. Impact has built him up well to develop a larger-than-life aura at the moment. Let’s see how high Morrissey can carry the company.

As for Alexander’s story in Impact, smashing through Moose without the championship would still be satisfying after what Moose did to win in the first place. Alexander could then go on to have his moment of glory against whoever would be champ at that time. The route would be slightly different, but the end point would be the same.

Prediction: Morrissey wins the Impact World Championship. In the words of Batista, “Give me what I want!”

Knockouts World Championship: Mickie James (c) vs. Tasha Steelz

Steelz earned her shot by winning the first-ever Knockouts Ultimate X match. She also has momentum pinning James in tag team action on the go-home show.

Prediction: Hardcore Country! Mickie James retains. While I would be interested to see how Steelz fares carrying the title, I think there is still juice to squeeze from James’ run at the top to produce more intriguing defenses.

Impact World Tag Team Championship: Good Brothers (c) vs. G.O.D.

Good Brothers and Guerrillas of Destiny have deep history through the Bullet Club. Tama Tonga and Tanga Loa aim to make Karl Anderson and Doc Gallows look like punks and take the gold. This will be the first time to the duos collide in tag team action, and it will be intense.

Prediction: G.O.D. follows through. They took the Magic Killer like they said, and they will take the tag belts like they said. G.O.D. as champions would give fresh life to the division.

Impact Digital Media Championship: Matt Cardona (c) vs. Jordynne Grace

Cardona failed to win the Impact World Championship, so he went after a different type of world title. Cardona eyed the world wide web championship. When challenging Grace, the lure of capturing gold was too strong, and he hit her with a chair leading to victory.

Prediction: Jordynne Grace regains the belt. Thicc Mama Pump may have taken Cardona too lightly in the first outing. With his roguish side revealed, she won’t make the same mistake. Grace will rip his arms off and shove them up his backside.

Deonna Purrazzo open challenge

In an effort to show up Mickie James, Purrazzo aims to prove she is still queen of the Knockouts division. The Virtuosa issued an open challenge for either the AAA Reina de Reinas Championship or the ROH Women’s World Championship. The challenger could came from anywhere using the Forbidden Door.

Prediction: Champ champ remains champ champ. If Purrazzo drops the AAA belt, I think that would happen in Mexico against Taya Valkyrie. As for the ROH strap, I think that is where Purrazzo’s challenger will come from. I’ll guess Sumie Sakai as the opponent.

Honor No More vs. Team Impact

Matt Taven, Mike Bennett, Vincent, PCO, & Kenny King with Maria Kanellis as manager represent Honor No More, and Eddie Edwards, Chris Sabin, Rich Swann, Rhino, & Steve Maclin represent Team Impact.

The hooligans from ROH were out of a job, so they crashed Impact looking for an opportunity. Simply asking would have been polite, but they don’t believe in honor anymore after being released from their last job. Honor No More chose to make an impression with violent attacks to Impact wrestlers and personnel. The heroes refused to stand idly by, so Scott D’Amore booked a 10-man tag with a stipulation. If Honor No More wins, then they get to stay. If they lose, then they leave.

Team Impact originally had Josh Alexander on the squad, but D’Amore kicked him off the squad and sent him home. Team Impact looked to Jonathan Gresham as a replacement, but he was found beaten down in the back. That opened the door for Steve Maclin to step in. Even though he is devious, a common enemy is shared. That doesn’t mean Team Impact trusts Maclin.

Prediction: Honor No More stays. The story would be wrapped up too neatly if Team Impact won this soon to send ROH home. Treachery is likely to be exposed within Impact’s ranks, but I think Maclin is a red herring. I’d point to Eddie Edwards as a potential candidate due to his past history with ROH. There is also the possibility of Honor No More bringing in more cast-offs into the mix.

Eric Young vs. “Switchblade” Jay White

Switchblade brought G.O.D. to town aiming to win the tag titles. Since Violent by Design was by the Good Brothers’ side with a business arrangement to knock out contenders, that led to VBD clashing the the Bullet Club. The two group leaders square off one-on-one.

Prediction: Switchblade cuts deep. White still has novelty as a visiting outsider. Impact could push him to a title shot with an impressive win against EY.

JONAH vs. Black Taurus

HOSS FIGHT! Top Dog had a snack in Johnny Swinger. When JONAH took liberties after the bell, Rosemary brought in Decay to save the Swingman. JONAH and Taurus stared down only for JONAH to leave the yard. Now, it’s time to get physical.

Prediction: JONAH rocks. Taurus is not a small man, but JONAH is bigger. I think the extra heft will wear down the bull.

X-Division #1 contender match

Ace Austin earned his way into the match, while “Speedball” Mike Bailey, Jake Something, and Chris Bey were gifted the opportunity. As for the mingling relationships, Ace is trying to recruit Speedball, but Jake knows Ace is a scumbag.

Prediction: Chris Bey advances. Bullet Club said they would make a clean sweep of wins, and I believe them.

The pre-show will feature Trey Miguel versus John Skyler and Tenille Dashwood versus Havok. No stories for these bouts. Miguel is X-Division champ, so he isn’t losing this non-title contest. Dashwood has a showdown looming with the IInspiration for tag team gold. She’ll find some way to eke out a win.

No Surrender starts Saturday night (Feb. 19) at 8 pm ET streaming on IMPACT+ and YouTube for IMPACT Ultimate Insiders. The pre-show kicks off at 7:30 pm ET on YouTube.

Share your predictions for No Surrender. Would you like to see W. Morrissey win the Impact World Championship?

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