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Maria Kanellis stirs pot to create trust issues with Team Impact against ROH invaders

Maria Kanellis has always been a crafty one. She proved her worth once again by creating trust issues between members of Team Impact prior to the important 10-man tag against Honor No More at No Surrender on February 19.

The ROH invaders of Matt Taven, Mike Bennett, Vincent, PCO, and Kenny King are set to collide with Impact heroes Eddie Edwards, Chris Sabin, Rich Swann, Rhino, and Steve Maclin. The stipulation decrees that Honor No More can remain in Impact with a victory at No Surrender. A loss means they take the train out of town.

Before that drama gets settled, the ROH storyline for Thursday’s Impact Wrestling revolved around the mystery of who attacked Jonathan Gresham last week. When Josh Alexander was kicked off Team Impact, Gresham was the next best choice. When Gresham was found unconscious, Maclin conveniently stepped in as a replacement. That created theories that perhaps Maclin was the behind this mess. That notion picked up steam when Honor No More denied any involvement in the violence perpetrated on Gresham.

Kenny King met Chris Sabin in the ring for singles action. Both squads were out to support their mate, but one person in particular was missing. That would be Maclin.

King and Sabin went back and forth for a rousing affair. Sabin prevailed in the end by countering a fireman’s carry into a fancy roll-up to win. Team Impact was feeling high after the victory, then Maria dragged them back down to earth with insinuations that Maclin was a dirty dealer. Honor No More is a cohesive unit, while Team Impact needs to get their house in order.

Backstage, Edwards laid out the reasons to question Maclin. Maclin tried to convince them that Maria was playing divide and conquer. Edwards was weary of the suspicious circumstances leading to this moment. Maclin explained their two options. Either stand shoulder to shoulder as a united front or find another partner. Sabin took leadership to put in a fist of acceptance. Maclin followed second. Swann and Rhino were in as well. Edwards was hesitant but stayed aboard. Whoaaa, Team Impact!

Impact is planting seeds for betrayal. I’d be shocked if this match doesn’t involve treachery. The big question is who. Add in a mystery attacker on the prowl, and intrigue is boiling.

Do you think there is a rat within Team Impact? Who is your guess for the culprit behind attacking Gresham?

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