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Impact world title contract signing ends with W. Morrissey chokeslamming Moose off the stage

Contract signings are rarely a peaceful event in professional wrestling. Moose and W. Morrissey are booked to clash for the Impact World Championship at No Surrender on February 19. Thursday night’s episode of Impact Wrestling featured a contract signing between champion and challenger. Thankfully, the proceedings did not disappoint in delivering furious ferocity.

The session started with Moose entering solo. Morrissey was allegedly absent after the hellacious beating Moose delivered last week. Moose boasted to Scott D’Amore with confidence that Morrissey would miss the show. D’Amore was uncertain of Morrissey’s status, but he would give the challenger time to sign until the day of No Surrender. Moose put his name on the dotted line and posed on stage.

It turned out that Morrissey didn’t need extra time. His music hit, much to the surprise of Moose. Morrissey entered the scene with a big boot to Moose’s mush. Morrissey shoved Moose into the light fixtures. The two behemoths tussled with reversals before Morrissey got the upper hand to chokeslam Moose off the stage crashing through a table.

Morrissey signed the contract to make the world title fight official for No Surrender.

Yes! I, for one, love that violence often erupts at contract signings. Impact has been stoking the fires to roar with anticipation for this battle of big men. Moose and Morrissey went tit for tat with attacks for several weeks now. The emotion is peaking perfectly for an intense war at No Surrender.

Do you believe Morrissey will dethrone Moose for the Impact World Championship?

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