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W. Morrissey violently mauls Brian Myers on Impact

Don’t mess with W. Morrissey. That has been said before and is worth repeating. Morrissey erupted with violence against Brian Myers in the main event of Impact Wrestling.

Myers had been trifling in Morrissey’s business, so the time for payback was here. Scott D’Amore upped the stipulation to No DQ. Myers took advantage by not coming alone. His Learning Tree goofs were ringside, but Morrissey quickly destroyed them. He hit a big boot to Zicky Dice to send him crashing off the apron through a table. Morrissey also chokeslammed VSK off the turnbuckles down through a table leaning against the ring.

Myers is no chump though. The man has a wealth of knowledge as a crafty veteran. He managed to duct tape Morrissey’s wrist to the middle rope to keep the bruiser down. Myers took advantage of the situation with vicious shots from a kendo stick.

Myers took the punishment up a notch for a coast to coast flying dropkick into a trashcan. Morrissey was close to unconsciousness, so Myers decided to cut loose the duct tape and go for the pin. 1, 2, Morrissey lifted his shoulder up to break the cover.

Morrissey rallied with a vicious clothesline and powerbomb. The 7-footer took out a sack of thumbtacks to empty in the ring. He proceeded to rain pain down upon Myers with two consecutive powerbombs onto the tiny metal stabbers. That was enough for Morrissey to prevail with the winning pin.

The night wasn’t over for Morrissey. He attacked Moose last week in his hotel room when the man didn’t even have pants on. Surely there would be retribution. Moose ran down to blindside Morrissey with the Impact title belt. Moose wrapped a chair around Morrissey’s neck with intent to take him out permanently. Moose swung chair to chair several times leaving Morrissey a damaged heap.

In addition to not messing with Morrissey, don’t mess with Moose either.

Morrissey and Moose will settle their feud once and for all at No Surrender on February 19 with the Impact World Championship on the line.

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