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Eric Young’s old Impact faction looks strong in victory under new leadership

Last week, Eric Young was killed off in the Impact universe when Deaner stabbed him in the chest. This week, it was time for Violent By Design to shed the stink of failure and start anew in the Impact Zone.

Violent By Design began the Impact Wrestling broadcast with a promo vignette challenging Sami Callihan. Deaner spoke about how their VBD movement has been reborn after being cleansed in blood of the Designer (Young). When Callihan cut off the head of the snake by defeating Young in Death Machine’s Double Jeopardy, three heads grew back with Deaner, Angels, and Kon.

Callihan squared off against Kon in the ring. Deaner and Angels were on the outside. The group’s name was officially shortened to The Design. Deaner was dressed in a white outfit overseeing the action.

This was an important moment for The Design to rehabilitate their image. Deaner, Angels, and Kon are not treated on the same level as Young, so they needed a strong outing to make an impactful impression.

Kon opened to look like a destroyer. He pummeled Callihan with power. Even though Callihan poked Kon in the eye as a joke, it didn’t slow down the hoss.

Kon continued with a methodical mauling. Callihan fought back peppering punches and chops. Callihan clotheslined Kon over the ropes. Kon pulled Callihan out of the ring to chokeslam on the apron.

Callihan didn’t trust Deaner looming over him, so he pulled out a chair. Angels snatched the foreign object, and that caught the referee’s eye. As the ref threatened to eject Angels, Callihan climbed the corner on the far side. Deaner grabbed Callihan’s leg. That interference allowed Kon to crush Callihan with a Death Valley Driver for victory.

Wow. That was certainly impressive. VBD looked like a serious threat under new management as The Design. Impact allowed Kon to thrive in a way that made him appear strong enough to compete with anyone on the roster. Most importantly, The Design was victorious. The big test will come when Deaner steps into the ring for sanctioned action. Then we’ll see if Impact is all in on this group.

How do you feel about the reboot of The Design?

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