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TNA icon Don West has died after a lengthy battle with cancer

If you watched TNA for the first ten or so years of its existence, you knew Don West. Whether it was as a color commentator working alongside Mike Tenay, or hawking the company’s merch wares in his “Deals” segments*, West and his enthusiasm were synonymous with the promotion that would become Impact Wrestling.

He left the company in 2012, returning in 2017 to help call the 15th annual Slammiversary PPV. In 2021, West was diagnosed with brain lymphoma. The cancer went into remission after a round of chemotherapy and radiation treatments, but returning in December of last year.

Just a couple weeks ago, Tenay shared that he’d had a chance to visit with his old friend via FaceTime. Sadly, his latest update about West wasn’t good news:

On behalf of the entire Cageside Seats community, our thoughts are with Terri West, Mike Tenay, and everyone mourning Don West today.

Rest in peace, and thanks for all the memories — and deals.

* A natural fit for West, who prior to joining TNA had a prominent job as a sports collectibles pitchman on a cable shopping network — and was even parodied by Will Ferrell on an episode of Saturday Night Live.

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