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Impact World Champion Josh Alexander has a smart reason for wearing wrestling headgear

Impact world champion Josh Alexander has a distinctive look in the ring wearing a singlet and wrestling headgear. While he initially used the headgear for injury protection, it actually serves a very smart reason aside from that. Alexander has Ethan Page to thank for sticking with the headgear.

Impact Wrestling

Alexander spoke with Chris Van Vliet about the origin and purpose of his headgear.

Alexander explained that the headgear came about due to a legitimate injury in 2013. A kick to the head inflamed his cauliflower ear. He drained his ear with a syringe that same night while cutting a promo. The next day, the same spot was hit again, and his ear exploded. Alexander’s ear was dangling half off his head. He had to get his ear surgically pinned. Doctor advised 3-6 months of no contact for his ear to recover.

Alexander had a booking in two weeks in Ottawa, so he adjusted to wear headgear as protection.

Alexander: So, I went on eBay and ordered headgear and, you know, put it on for that show. And I felt like such a goofball. I remember I went out, and I wrestled Mike Bailey and a guy named “Hacker” Scotty O’Shea in a three-way for C*4 Wrestling in Ottawa. And walking out, I’m getting like, ‘Princess Leia,’ chants, I’m getting, ‘Nice headphones’ chants, I’m getting chirped like crazy. Still stuff that I hear to this day every so often from people that don’t know me.

But, you know, I felt like such a goof, and I came to the back. By the end of the match, they were just standing and applauding the match, because it was an awesome match, right? And I came to the back, and I remember Ethan Page pulled me aside. He’s just like, ‘You’re keeping that headgear, man. You look like a badass with that on.’ I’m like, ‘Really? I feel I look like a complete goof.’ But he was like, ‘Nope. It’s badass. You’re keeping that.’

Alexander continued wearing the headgear thanks to Page’s advice. The headgear turned out to be a blessing in disguise. The unique look helped Alexander get remembered by fans.

Alexander: I was just a talented Canadian wrestler that was booked consistently with no gimmick whatsoever, who was just a very reliable wrestler. And when I found that headgear because I injured my ear, it really gave me, like, something for the fans to remember me by.

‘Cause you got to think like 70% of fans that leave a show that aren’t, you know, diehard wrestling fans aren’t going to remember my name. When they leave, like, a kid might turn to his dad be like, ‘Man, I really like that crazy guy with the face paint,’ or you know what I mean? Now, they can leave shows and be like, ‘That guy with the headphones or the headgear,’ if they know what it is, ‘He was a badass.’ It’s just a thing for people to notify and remember me by. It builds into my look that I’m now known for probably for the rest of my career.

After wearing headgear, Alexander noticed his recognition taking off with work from ROH and PWG. Without the injury, Alexander never would have tried out headgear as a professional wrestler. He’s ridden that momentum over the years into becoming the face of Impact as their world champion.

Check out the full interview with Van Vliet here.

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