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Tommy Dreamer ends friendship with Bully Ray

Tommy Dreamer and Bully Ray have been through thick and thin over the years in the professional wrestling business spanning ECW, WWE, and Impact. After Bully’s latest treacherous act, Dreamer could no longer support his pal. A 28-year friendship was flushed down the drain when Dreamer publicly cut ties with Bully in an Impact storyline.

The scene was set during Thursday night’s episode of Impact Wrestling when Scott D’Amore declined Josh Alexander’s desire to get a piece of payback prior to wrestling Bully for the Impact World Championship at the Hard to Kill PPV on January 13. Dreamer entered the discussion to apologize for vouching for Bully. Alexander declined the apology with an eye on Dreamer as part of Bully’s master scumbag plan. Dreamer’s guilt put the wheels in motion for the next segment.

Bully was in action against John Skyler. It was a squash win via piledriver. After the match, Dreamer entered the ring to say his piece. Dreamer was hurt by Bully’s scheming. He vouched for his friend to get him another shot in Impact, and Bully stabbed him in the back with his scumbag behavior. Dreamer wasn’t there to fight. He’ll gladly enjoy Alexander kicking Bully’s ass. Dreamer was there to tell Bully that their friendship is over.

Bully was silent, then he shrugged his shoulders nonchalantly. As Dreamer exited the ring, Bully grabbed a mic to dish heel insults. He viewed Dreamer as nothing but a jealous coward. Bully was always the bigger star compared to Dreamer. Some might say Dreamer is a failure in the wrestling business. That line got under Dreamer’s skin, and he returned to the ring.

Bully goaded a punch and kept talking. While he turned himself into a fighting machine, he saw Dreamer turning himself into a fat bastard. Bully then admitted that he was the one who attacked Ace Austin. He knew Dreamer would stick up for him, so he used Dreamer to get exactly what he wanted. Tears flooded Dreamer’s eyes at this betrayal. Bully mocked him as a crying bitch. Dreamer shot back about the mental health struggles of dealing with his violent wrestling career. He fights those feelings every day. Dreamer fired up to fight. Bully laughed and exited the ring.

Hot damn. I wasn’t expecting to be yearning for Tommy Dreamer versus Bully Ray in the year 2022, but they talked me into it. That emotional exchange was fire. Swear words can be used as a crutch to demonstrate intensity, but I can’t lie in saying I felt that MF bomb dropped by Dreamer. Let them fight!

Did that promo exchange sell you on one more round of Tommy Dreamer versus Bully Ray?

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