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Former Knockouts champion gets character makeover in witch vignette

Taylor Wilde is embracing the dark arts for a character makeover. A vignette aired during the latest episode of Impact Wrestling to reveal the former Knockouts champion as the Wilde Witch.

Wilde’s message stated:

I am both masculine and feminine.
My power is my shadow.
Without the darkness, there is no light.
Without conflict, there is no victory.
From the disillusionment emerges the Wilde Witch.

Wilde held up a Devil card when revealing her face to close the scene.

Even though that was an unexpected transformation for Taylor Wilde on the Impact television product, she has been leaving clues and creating her own backstory on social media. Wilde was apparently kidnapped and embraced the way of the witch. One mini video shows Su Yung in the background. This part has not aired on TV, so it might not be part of the official Impact storyline.

A new witch character certainly fits within the Impact universe with the whole Undead Realm for Rosemary. If Su Yung does join Wilde in time, that would be a perfect pair to feud with Rosemary, Jessicka, and Taya Valkyrie.

Are you intrigued by Taylor Wilde’s character reinvention as the Wilde Witch?

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